Golden State Warriors’ Poll: Was Signing Livingston The Right Move?


Jan 8, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard Shaun Livingston (14) controls the ball in front of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) during the fourth quarter of a game at Barclays Center. The Nets defeated the Warriors 102-98. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors made a terrific move by bringing aboard former #4 pick, Shaun Livingston.

After a rocky start to his career, Livingston seemed to redeem himself with the Brooklyn Nets, averaging 8.3 points per game, and 3.2 rebounds and assists. What makes him so skilled as a point guard is his height and wingspan. At 6’7″, he simply cannot be guarded by smaller players. When this happens, mis-matches emerge, and a smart offensive team like the Warriors will be able to take advantage of that. His height also gives Stephen Curry the chance to play shooting guard, a recurring issue for the Warriors.

We thought that Steve Blake would help – he didn’t. We thought that Jordan Crawford would help – he didn’t. We thought that Tony Douglas would help – he didn’t. Livingston is an unselfish player, whose height gives him a unique ability to draw defenders then make the right decision. With perimeter shooters such as Klay Thompson and Curry, the right decision is sweet.

Many people have speculated that Thompson has now become expendable thanks to this deal, but if you think that the Warriors are going to trade him just because they signed a player like Livingston (not quite as important as Thompson), then you have some flaw in your logic. Also, according to a CSN Report, there is a 99% chance that he is going to stay in the bay.

As for the Love situation, Bleacher Report’s Martin Telleria make a good point when he writes,

"So, with no leverage and the certainty of their best player leaving for nothing, look for the Timberwolves to come to their senses and make the best of a bad situation. They will officially start their rebuild, and the Warriors will enter the season as one of the favorites in the stacked Western Conference."

With the addition of Livingston, and the likely extension for Thompson, the Warriors are still in the running for Love. The Wolves will likely realize that there are no better offers and settle for Harrison Barnes and David Lee. Another pro about Livingston is the depth that he adds to the roster. They’re going to need that come playoff time.

For every positive, however, there are almost as many negatives. Just kidding. Actually, in this case, the Warriors have made a move that only features one negative aspect: salary cap.

You’ve heard it before a million times; the Warriors are short with money, but need to sign a stretch 4, such as Channing Frye, that the can bring aboard. The only way they can get a player like this is by trading other players such as Lee and Barnes. This is the only way they can get Love.