Golden State Warriors: 2014 NBA Draft Outlook

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draft week is upon us. It’s a time in which the rumor mill is ever changing and GM’s phones are ever ringing. Blockbuster trades may not happen too often during Draft week but plenty of chess pieces are sure to move across the board as teams prepare for Free Agency on July 1st. Teams are scrambling frantically behind the scenes, working the phones day in and day out as they try to shed salary to bring in a free agent, acquire or send away draft picks, or whatever their agenda may be.

Media outlets everywhere are always trying to land the inside scoop and break the news first. One day a rumor will pop up that will get fans excited and the next day it seems a rumor of the exact opposite will surface. It makes for an exciting week with fans constantly checking for the latest update, knowing news can break at anytime.

Draft picks are critical assets that are often dangled as an incentive to take on salary, or to sweeten the deal on a big trade. After all the dust settles, draft picks are made and franchises may take a big step forward, or they may take a big step backwards.

Perhaps outside of any NBA team other than the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors are at the forefront of this year’s draft week circus. Although they do not currently have a 2014 draft pick, there are many different scenarios that could lead to them landing a pick.

Kevin Love rumors have dominated the news feeds the last few days so, not to beat this rumor into the ground, I’ll instead focus on some scenarios in which the Warriors might acquire a draft pick and what they might do with that draft pick if they get it.