NBA Mock Draft 2014: Projecting The Top 7 Picks


What an incredible season!

Game winners, tanking, flopping, upsetting the champions, Game 7’s, and much, much more! But now, things are all over and although there are going to be PLENTY of things that are going to be discussed in the offseason, such as the destinations of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, we now need to focus on the 2014 NBA Draft which will be on June 26, 2014.

This draft class is widely considered one of the most talented ones in a very long time. Many players played one year in college and declared for the draft, but rightfully so as they had fantastic seasons. Who is going to go #1?

1) Joel Embiid, Kansas, C, Freshman: Cleveland Cavaliers

I know what you’re thinking. Everytime you see that the Cavs have the first pick, you’re shaking your head in shame. Yes, it’s true. The Cavs did not deserve the first pick in the draft this year, but probability begs to differ, as they are going to get it. Many are saying that they should draft Joel Embiid from Kansas, and I would have to agree with this.

Although they do have Anderson Varejo, he has proven to be a very unreliable center because he is injury-prone. True, this is not his fault, but what is sitting on the bench and getting paid going to do to help your team?

Varejo should be leaving very soon, and if the Cavs don’t trade this pick for someone to lure James back, I think they’re going with Embiid because he showed that he has the quickness and skill that NBA C’s are almost required to have to be successful.

2) Jabari Parker, Duke, SF, Freshman: Milwaukee Bucks:

For a team that sure doesn’t have any future, the Milwaukee Bucks got lucky that this draft class if very talented. The only players that are worth being looked upon with a glimmer of hope are Larry Sanders (if he changes his attitude) and John Henson who is very skilled and adept. Other than that, the Bucks are struggling with getting things together.

Parker is going to be one of the best small forwards/swingmen in the NBA at some point. His potential is unbelievable, considering the fact that he’s already good. He can be that kind of player who can score in bunches and keep the team’s composure when things aren’t going so well. My guess is that with the Bucks, that is going to be a lot of the time.

3) Andrew Wiggins, Kansas, SF, freshman: Philadelphia 76ers:

For someone who had a lot of hype, I sure don’t think he is that great. True, he may have a lot of potential, but can he turn the franchise around?

Despite my negative start to the portion of this article, I believe that he does have the ability to make a significant impact. Along with other talented players such as Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten. The 76ers are looking pretty good. They have solid players at each position and the only thing that all of these guys lack is veteran skills, which are brought by Thaddeus Young, one of the NBA’s better power forwards.

The only thing they need to get before actually contending for a playoff spot is the chemistry, and after trading Evan Turner, they are in desperate need of a scorer. Wiggins fits that role.

4) Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, PG, sophomore: Orlando Magic:

This is a bit of a stretch for Marcus Smart, but if one thing is for certain, he is definitely increasing his draft stock at these draft workouts where he is dazzling representatives for the team. Any team would love to have a do-it-all point guard, so why the Orlando Magic?

Well, they are actually in desperate need of one. It doesn’t seem like it because young stars like Nikola Veucevic, Victor Oladipo, and Tobias Harris are very promising. In reality, however, they don’t seem to have any player that can anchor down the offense and control things as Jameer Nelson is rather scoring-oriented. This also means that they could take Dante Exum, but Smart may be a better leader.

5) Aaron Gordon, Arizona, PF, freshman: Utah Jazz:

The Jazz don’t exactly have a promising roster. Trey Burk and Alec Burks are very good players, but other than that, I’m not exactly sold on any of the Utah Jazz players, especially not Derrick Favors, who is their PF.

What the Jazz need is a solid power forward like Aaron Gordon who can grab down rebounds, score, and shoot. Although Gordon is widely known as a beat in the paint, I have seen him stroke some nice jump-shots in shoot-a-round. He has a lot of potential to be a quick, but paint-dominating power forward, which is something that the Jazz need.

They haven’t exactly been good in the last couple of years, but adding some raw talent and fresh legs to the roster is exactly what they should do if they’re looking to contend for a playoff spot in the Wild Wild West in a few years.

6) Julius Randle, Kentucky, PF, freshman: Boston Celtics

Most of the teams in the top seven picks or so have a lot of raw talent, but nothing really together. The addition of Randle to the Celtics would be very beneficial in that he is the next Zach Randolph. He is almost unstoppable at the post, has a sweet jump-shot, and can take over the game when he really needs to. The Celtics need a scorer.

Players like Jeff Green may be the bailout guys, but every player is an offensive weapon with Rajon Rondo at the helm. He will be able to find Randle under the basket lurking for some nice dunks.

7) Dante Exum, Australia, PG, 1995: Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are going to have to hope that Exum falls this far back so that they can snatch him. Clearly the best foreign player in the draft, Exum has definitely demonstrated that he has the necessary skills to carry a team offensively as well as score the basketball. At 6’6″, he is tall for his position and will do a nice job assuming the duties of Steve Nash, who is likely to retire soon.

Exum and Marcus Smart are interchangeable.