Why The Oakland Raiders Have THE Most Passionate Fanbase


Brant Ward/San Francisco Chronicle

While one team has Super Bowl aspirations, another team across the bay is having withdrawals. Yes, I’m talking about the beloved Oakland Raiders. The once storied franchise known for their take no prisoners attitude and “just win, baby” motto is now one of the laughingstocks of the NFL. However, despite their constant losing seasons, one thing remains consistent, the fans!

The fans most commonly known as the “Raider Nation” takes pride in their team and never falls off the bandwagon no matter how bad the wheels are damaged. They stay true to their team and bleed silver and black from birth to death. They are, what I consider a “die-hard.”

These fans show-off their pride through their facebook status, instagram pictures, and twitter accounts. I have a good amount of Facebook friends like most of you, and I know exactly by name who the Raider fans are. Now, can I say the same for my Niner fans? I would have to say, no.

Unfortunately, the Raiders fans get my nod as being the most loyal. They may not sell out or get the recognition like the Pittsburgh Steelers but make no mistake the Raider Nation is alive and well. I recently went to Hawaii and asked many locals in the area who their favorite football team was, and the answer may surprise you. They said it was the Cowboys, Steelers, and Raiders. Yes, the Raiders! I can see the Cowboys, considering their popularity as being “America’s team” although that’s not true, and the Pittsburgh Steelers always have a strong following no matter which state you’re in, but to hear the Oakland Raiders was shocking. I asked some of them, why the Raiders? The answer was clear, it goes all the way back to their family’s roots. Their Grandfather was a Raider fan and then his father, and so forth. It’s a part of a culture they can identify with and take pride in doing so.

Another reason why the Raider Nation are considered the most die-hard is due to their elaborate costumes. If you walk around Oakland Coliseum you will notice the number of sinful costumes amongst the fans. You have fans dressed as Darth Vader, Bane, or some form of a grim reaper to name a few. Whether you’re a Raider fan or not you can’t help but love their passion for their team. I applaud them for dressing up every Sunday to intimidate the opposing team, after all that’s what home-field advantage is all about.

So the next time you see a Raider fan, just know that although they may get the bad rep for being one, you can’t deny their passion and love for their team. Their love for the Silver and Black runs deeper than you may think, and when they do start to win again, you will already know they were fans from day one, because like other fans, they don’t jump off the bandwagon so eagerly.