NBA: Where LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Should Go


With the NBA season coming to a close, one could only imagine what Heat fans must be thinking. “Are we going to lose our Big 3?” Although it is not likely that Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James all away from Miami, we still have to consider that there is always a possibility that this could be a reality. Heat fans may have to prepare for the worst.

2014 Free Agency is going to be quite a hectic time. Some of the best players in the league find themselves being wooed by many different team, and it seems as if we are going to have more than one “decision” this offseason.

With that being said, here is a list of the best free agents, with unlikely destinations.

Exempt: Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh (likely will return to Miami if LeBron James chooses to)

1) Carmelo Anthony:

We’ve heard Chicago, we’ve heard Phoenix, we’ve heard New York, and on June 11th, we heard Miami.

Yes, it is a chilling fantasy for Heat fans that Melo will come aboard and form the “Big 4”, but how likely is it? It may seem enticing to him and every other Heat fan/player in the league, but it is an illusion. A player like Melo thrives we he is the number one offensive weapon. In Miami, however, the offense is run through James, making it hard for Melo to get those isolations that he is so hard to stop on. He will eventually fit into the rotation, but is he willing to give up being the number one scorer?

The place I like him in is Chicago. Derrick Rose may still return from his injury as an explosive point guard, but I can almost guarantee that he is not going to attack the basket as much; rather, he will try to facilitate more. He will be an adequate point guard, maybe even an all-star, but never an MVP again. Joakim Noah is easily one of the best centers in the NBA, and with raw talent and a can-do work ethic, the Bulls, lead by Tom Thibodeau, have a legitimate shot. The only think they’re lacking in is offense – you see where I’m going with this, right?

Final Verdict: Chicago

2) LeBron James:

When the word “best” comes to mind, I’m thinking this is best for the player, not the fans. Obviously we have all heard about a possible return to Cleveland, an endeavor to Los Angeles, and staying in Miami. Which of these three options is the best for LeBron?

A Cleveland return is best for the fans. Reports have indicated that there is a possibility to trade for Kevin Love in order to lure LeBron back with the enticing combo of Kyrie Irving and Love. I don’t see this happening at all. While very attractive to fans, a Cleveland return is almost impossible at this stage.

How about the Lakers? No. Sorry, LA! As much as you try to get LeBron and Melo to join your team, that is not going to happen at all. I just do not see any scenario where Melo, LeBron, and Kobe Bryant can all play team basketball. There aren’t a whole lot of good coaches out there anyway..

Final Verdict: Miami