Colin Kaepernick not charged in Miami incident


Colin Kaepernick along with Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette will not be charged in an incident taking place in Miami involving a woman in a downtown hotel room.

A memo was released by the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office stated that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the woman had been sexually assaulted.

The investigation has been going on for the past few months and Kaepernick has maintained his innocence throughout it all.

The original police report stated that the woman was unsure how she got to the hospital after partying with the three players.

The woman was apparently incoherent when the police arrived at the hotel and had to be sedated in order to be transported to the hospital. There she was temporarily involuntarily committed for her own safety.

Assistant state attorney Laura Adams mentioned that when the police first got to the hotel, the woman was out of her mind to say the least.

“When she heard the officers’ voices, the complainant started screaming incoherently about Jesus and devils,” Adams wrote in the released statement.

A hotel security officer confirmed the state of the woman’s mental capacity, mentioning that the woman began to pray to God and banged her head against the walls, kicking uncontrollably.

A couple of weeks ago, Kaepernick was heard staying that all he wanted to do was help the DA but the charges to rest. Today, upon release of the good news, Kaepernick tweeted the following:

Kaepernick has been the 49ers’ starting quarterback since midway through the 2012 season and signed a  six-year, $126-million contract extension last week. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh has stood behind Kaepernick during the entire process.

The prosecutors memo also stated that Kaepernick had met the woman about a year ago and that she and Kaepernick and had sexual relations. She later told him that she was pregnant and Kaepernick proceeded to cut off all contact with her. She somehow learned that Kaepernick and Lockette would be in Miami and made travel arrangements to go and visit them.

The woman must have been crazy from the start of them meeting that night, as she made Colin so uncomfortable he left the hotel. “I’m leaving right now I’m terrified,” Kaepernick texted the friend as he was leaving.

Needless to say this woman was suffering mentally and decided that Kaepernick would be the brunt of the lawsuit. Either way, Kaepernick’s innocence has been proven and we can do exactly as he stated in the tweet above, get back to football.