Monta Ellis wishes that he could say his 4-time homecoming against the Golden ..."/> Monta Ellis wishes that he could say his 4-time homecoming against the Golden ..."/>

Golden State Warriors Roll In Nearly Perfect Game Against Dallas Mavericks


Monta Ellis wishes that he could say his 4-time homecoming against the Golden State Warriors was bittersweet. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the case as the Dallas Mavericks were run out of Oracle Arena in a discouraging loss by a score of 108-85. The Warriors now look to build on this momentum and 5-game winning streak as they head to LA tomorrow to face a scalding-hot Clipper team.

In a game where Stephen Curry wasn’t really a factor, the Warriors rolled and had no problems. They held the Mavericks to a poor shooting night. The bench, which was led by Jordan Crawford who finished with 19 points in 22 minutes, was a huge factor in the win with 59 points. This was another game that the bench proved themselves capable to survive without the starters. Steve Blake finished with 9 points and 8 assists.

The first quarter began to look like the Mavericks’ last meeting at Oracle Arena. Quickly off to 16-8 lead, the Warriors found themselves scrambling trying to chase around Ellis. Fortunately for them, they quickly made up the difference to take a 29-22 lead at the end of the first. All of the offensive success started on the defense end of the floor.

Crawford, who was 6/7 during the second quarter, was having himself quite an offensive night. They kept going to him and he kept delivering. This makes him seem like the kind of person you want taking the 30-footer, when he’s feeling it offensively. With some fireworks at the offensive end, the showtime Warriors got it done on defense as well, holding the Mavericks to 37% from the field. This team averages 100+ ppg.

The good half, however, ended on a rather sour note when Dirk Nowitzki, who finished with, striped two free throws. Andre Iguodala then proceeded to throw the ball right to Vince Carter who hit a 3-pointer as the clock hit 0.0. The Mavericks cut an 18 point deficit to 11 just like that.

Fortunately for the Warriors, they opened the 3rd quarter strong, taking a 19-point lead, their largest of the night. They never looked back from this point on.  A banged up Curry got to watch his team blow out another team without having to do much. It was the Warriors’ night, and they simply won this game.

They now head to LA to face the Clippers who are on an 8-game winning streak. Other than the first game of the year, the Warriors always seem to have a knack to end the Clippers’ winning streaks. But this team is reborn with Danny Granger and Big Baby Davis.