San Francisco 49ers: Should The 49ers Try To Move Up In Draft?


The final play of the last two seasons had similar results for the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, both games ended on a fade to Michael Crabtree that was not successful. Crabtree is without a doubt a very good receiver. It is clear that Colin Kaepernick trusts him. However, this year there are options that could yield better results. The 49ers sit at the bottom of the first round. Should the 49ers try to move up in the draft?

The 49ers should definitely move up in the draft specifically to get one of the top two big bodied receivers. Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin should be the targets. They are likely to be gone by the time the 49ers pick at the 30th slot. These receivers will probably be selected in the top 20. The likely trade up spot would be with the Chicago Bears spot at 14th.

The success that the Seattle Seahawks have had this year will make the 49ers want to be a major player in the draft this year. The 49ers have a total of 13 picks in the draft and we know 13 rookies won’t make the roster. There is a need for a few impact players via the draft and the 49ers have the firepower to get into position to secure them.

Don’t be surprised if you see the 49ers package some picks together to get more than just a big receiver. They also need a vertical receiver that can stretch the field. Brandin Cooks and Josh Huff come to mind. Cooks also gives an added bonus because he is such a deadly return guy as well. They also need a corner back that can bump inside to cover the slot receivers. Carlos Rogers is not likely to be brought back. There are a few prospects such as Keith McGill, Pierre Desir, Bradley Roby and Jaylen Watkins that don’t require a first round selection to obtain.

Lastly, Donte Whitner may not be brought back due to a new contract. The 49ers hit the jackpot by selecting Eric Reid last year. They can pair him with a number of safeties this year. Deone Buccanon is a top safety option that would combine with Reid to form a heady, hard hitting tandem.

The 49ers should trade up so that they can address a few needs with authority. They need to approach the draft with a qualitative approach opposed to quantitative. It is imperative to add players that will be able to come in and have an impact. The time is now for the 49ers to make the necessary moves to bring home a Super Bowl victory.