Super Bowl 48: Our Predictions


This time of the year is finally here! The United States’ biggest and most watched sporting event. Yes, this is a time of the year when people who don’t know a thing about football come together for a party and watch the fantastic commercials as well as two of the NFL’s finest teams. Luckily, however, we here at Golden Gate Sports do know a few things about football…

Here are our predictions:

Phil Watson, Editor:

"Have to go with the Seahawks, based on the old theory that great defense stops great offense."

Tej Kamaraju, Assistant Editor:

"Tough one to pick. I think the matchup up one of the best offenses in the league and one of the best defenses in the league is going to be intriguing. Also, the Broncos don’t have such a bad rushing defense, so they’re not going to let Marshawn Lynch have a monster game. If I had to take a shot in the dark, I would have to say Broncos, simply because there aren’t a million Richard Shermans."

Duston Downum, Staff Writer:

"I think the Seahawks are gonna take it. Now, this is not only said because I am a Raiders fan, but because I think their offense is just going to be too much for Denver’s injury-laden defense. Their front line is not what it was at the beginning of the season with the loss of Von Miller, and you have them missing their best corner as well. Marshawn Lynch is poised to have a huge game just for the fact that he is such a force down at the line of scrimmage. Couple that with the read-option packages that Seattle employs and the Denver defense is going to be spread mighty thin.Now, the only thing that could pose a threat to Seattle’s chances of wining is the fact that Denver has a plethora of weapons on offense. Richard Sherman can only really cover one guy at a time, so which receiver do you play him on? Welker, Decker, or Thomas? They are going to have to disguise their blitzes and coverages to the point of the snap, so that could get tricky."

Alvin Chandra, Staff Writer:

"Denver- defense has played better in the last four games. They are the more balanced team."

Tony Navarra, Staff Writer:

"I can’t help but pick the Broncos in this one. It seems almost like Manning is destined to take this one all the way to cement his legacy as (one of) the best ever. His surgical dismembering of just about every defense this season means he’s going to get ahead of Seattle’s defense, and the gameplan is going to carry them to the win. With the league’s best offense around him, Manning gets the MVP too."

Mike Rose, Staff Writer:

"I pick the Broncos…One reason; Manning…..Experience and talent. Denver wins 35-28. It’s Denver’s year!"

Maggie Pilloton, Senior Staff Writer:

"Denver 24, Seattle 21I think Seattle’s inexperience will ultimately cost them. Peyton Manning is having a a record-breaking season, and I don’t think he will fold under the pressure of the Super Bowl. I don’t think he can be stopped, even by the NFL’s best defense."

Nikhil Ramgiri, Staff Writer:

"Though it may sound petty of me, I think the Broncos will be just able to inch out the Seahawks. If anybody can handle the size and physicality of Richard Sherman, it’s the 6’4” Demaryius Thomas. I just don’t think Seattle has enough on offense to keep up with Peyton. 24-20 Denver"

Cole Kundich, Senior Staff Writer:

"Manning gives Sherman a dose of karma, makes him look “mediocre” – Denver rolls 31-17"

Mike Springer, Senior Staff Writer:

"Broncos 35, Seahawks 24: Peyton Manning comes away with the MVP after throwing 3 TD’s with 200+ yards. Richard Sherman’s man catches at least one of those TD’s. Russell Wilson throws an untimely pick. Marshawn Lynch fumbles. Pete Carroll employs a dead-eyed stare and chews gum relentlessly as time winds down. It snows, and Goodell presents the Lombardi Trophy with extremely rosy cheeks, but not before slipping on the frosty stage and getting destroyed on Twitter for the rest of the night."

Lorenzo Siemann, Staff Writer:

"Broncos: The Denver Broncos have arguably the best offense in NFL history. The Seahawks will have a hard time stopping them, although they have enough defensive talent to slow the Broncos down. The talented and often overlooked Broncos defense will be the key to winning this game. Broncos 27 Seahawks 20"

So, there you have it. Seems to me like the overwhelming answer to this question of the Super Bowl is definitely the Denver Broncos. If you think differently, comment below.