Dear Colin Kaepernick: A (Fictional) Letter from Stephen Curry


(Photos: USA TODAY Sports)

*This is fiction.  Obviously.

Dear Colin,

It’s me, Stephen Curry.  I know you know who I am, and I’m writing this letter because I feel that I need to give you some advice about the upcoming storm.

You see, we’re not too different, you and I.

Both of us were drafted out of college by the Bay Area teams we’re currently with, and based on recent performance, it looks like we’ll be around for a long time. These two franchises have been recently revived and are looking towards the future.  Each team has a coach that’s been recently hired; my team has new owners and yours has a new GM.  They’re both building brand-spanking-new arenas to play in, and slowly but surely, more and more eyes are looking towards the bay.

So where do we fit in?  Right at the center, as the faces of the franchise.

Now, I know you probably think I’m a little crazy for saying these things.  Maybe you’re even a little offended.  After all, I’ve only been doing this pro thing for a couple more years, and you’ve actually gotten closer to the Promised Land.

No disrespect, but you walked into an already-contender, while I’m helping coach Jackson build this whole thing from scratch.  That’s not to say you didn’t turn thoughts of a championship into thoughts of a dynasty; when you did what you did on the field last year, you surely excited fans around here.

And, you are doing this at quarterback!  That’s about as top dog as it gets when it comes to a position.

Be careful, though.  You had your first year as a starter, which was a great success, but now they’ll be gunning for you.

You probably won’t be able to run around as much, because defenses will be paying close attention.  Believe me, I really doubt I’ll be shooting as many threes next year. But I digress, I’m not here to talk Xs and Os in two sports so very different.

I really wanted to just share some insight after spending a few years in the pros, and specifically here.

First things first: stay humble and listen to your coach.  He’s the best objective opinion you can get, and as the leader of your team, if you fall in line, you won’t have problems getting anyone else to also.  People are going to watch your example, so you need to be an adult and respect what coach Harbaugh says; otherwise, the whole thing might fall apart and you’ll find yourself throwing garbage-time touchdowns for a 7-9 team.  Just ask Cam Newton about maturity.

Second, just keep doing what you do.  With all the hype and attention, you’re going to be loved by everyone here.  They can smell victory not-too-far away, and it didn’t help relieve the pressure when the Giants won a couple of rings.  The sports scene is on the come up here in the bay, and they want more. Sometimes it’s going to feel like the weight of the entire region is on your back, but just play like you have since you were a kid and ignore it all.

Just make sure to always respect the fans.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that these people know how to BRING IT.

Even though the winning hasn’t been as prominent here these past 15 years or so, these fans are some of the most dedicated, intelligent fans I’ve ever come across.  I mean, some of them still fervently defend Barry Bonds!  Talk about loyalty.  If you treat them right, they’ll always do the same for you.

Anyway, I just felt like I should check in with you.  We’re on the verge of something big, so it’s nice when there’s someone out there who understands what you’re going through. LET’S DO THIS.

Take care,


PS – I left my phone charger in your car.