Bay Area vs. Los Angeles Rivalry: Ranking the Top 10 Moments of All-Time

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10. Joe Morgan’s Home Run Sinks Dodgers’ Playoff Hopes – 1982

What better place to start then with a classic moment between the Giants and Dodgers, whose rivalry is so deep that it shouldn’t even have to be explained.

On October 2, 1982, the Giants were eliminated from playoff contention thanks to a 15-4 Dodger rout at Candlestick Park. However, the next day, the Giants had a chance to knock the Dodgers out with a win in the final game of the season.

As any Giant fan would say, “If we’re not making the playoffs, the Dodgers aren’t either.”

Joe Morgan made sure that it happened, launching a three-run homer in the seventh inning to put the Giants up 5-2:

Tommy Lasorda’s reaction? Priceless.