Madison Bumgarner Throws at Jesus Guzman, Benches Clear (Video)


Jun 19, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres players argue on the field after an altercation between San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner (40) and San Diego Padres first baseman Jesus Guzman (15) during the second inning at AT

UPDATE: Guzman let his bat do the talking in response to the ball thrown at him:

Obviously, his celebration was a lot more subdued.


Original Post: 

Jesus Guzman has crossed the line from “former Giant” to “hated former Giant.”

After hitting a late-inning home run on Tuesday night for the San Diego Padres that gave them the lead, Guzman celebrated a little bit too much. He stared at the home run, held the bat for about 50 feet, then turned to his dugout and screamed in joy.

Here is the video of that:

Obviously, that did not please the San Francisco Giants, and speculation leading up to this afternoon’s game was that Guzman would get a fastball thrown at his ribs.

It turns out Madison Bumgarner did just that in the second inning, and this ensued:

Visibly upset, Guzman yelled at Bumgarner, and the two approached each other, ready to go at it. In fact, Bumgarner repeatedly said, “Let’s go,” inviting Guzman to party.

Thankfully, they were held back by their respective benches, as both teams poured out of their dugouts.

There was quite a bit of tussling, but no punches were thrown, and nobody was ejected.

The at-bat between Bumgarner continued as if nothing had just happened, and Guzman nearly hit another home run, but his fly ball was tracked down at the wall in left field.

As Giants’ commentators Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow put it, “If that ball had gone out, he might have done jumping jacks and backflips around the bases.”