Bay Area Buzz 6/5: Biogenesis Worse than BALCO, Lincecum Stars, Mangini Turns Offensive


Jun 3, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun reacts after being called out by umpire Greg Gibson on a close play at first base during the game against the Oakland Athletics at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

As MLB Reportedly Seeks Biogenesis Suspensions, Scandal Looms Larger than BALCO

"This is worse than BALCO. That is not easy to do, seeing as the single-season and all-time home run records fell on account of Victor Conte’s doping program that fed performance-enhancing drugs to baseball players of all manner and variety. But it is. It is much worse.The Biogenesis scandal that has ensnared baseball is more painful and embarrassing and harmful because it happened in the supposed post-Steroid Era, when Major League Baseball’s drug policy was supposed to eradicate PEDs from the game. That was a fanciful notion to begin with, of course, but now that ESPN is reporting Biogenesis mastermind Tony Bosch is ready to flip and tell the league about Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez and upward of 20 others to whom he supplied his wares, it is the greatest evidence yet that this policy has failed – and, moreover, that any policy is bound to fail.– Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports"

Lincecum, Torres Star for SF Giants in a Bay Sort of Win 

"Whetever you want to call the past three weeks for the Giants – feel free to use “hell” in your description – it began with two monumentally ugly losses in Toronto. The fielders played hacky sack with the baseball the Jays outscored them 21-9.The Rogers Centre and its turf field spooked them.Tuesday night was low-scoring payback time for the Giants, who got to play on real grass, in a San Francisco wind, in their big brick ballpark, and beat the Blue Jays with their kind of score , 2-1.– Henry Schulman, San Francisco Chronicle"

Mangini’s Mind for Defensive Turns Offensive  

"Eric Mangini, the defensive mind, is looking at the read option in a different way than other defensive minds in the NFL this offseason.Many defensive coordinators are thinking of ways to stop the facet of NFL offenses that has risen to prominence with young, mobile quarterbacks, such as Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson.But Mangini’s defensive mind will be put to another use in his new role as 49ers senior offensiveconsultant. In what is believed to be the only such role in the league, Mangini is being brought to the 49ers to use his coaching background to help the offense remain one step ahead of defensive adjustments.– Matt Maiocco, CSN Bay Area"