MLB: Ranking the 5 Worst Umpires in Baseball

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5. Alfonso Marquez

May 25, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy (15) is ejected from the game by home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez (72) in the bottom of the eight inning against the Colorado Rockies at AT

Last weekend the San Francisco Giants took on the Colorado Rockies and came out on top in extra innings by a score of 6-5. However, it might not have come to that if Alfonso Marquez had a sharper eye in a couple instances.

The Giants appeared to take the lead in the seventh when Brandon Belt slid between the legs of Yorvit Torrealba to touch home plate before the Rockies catcher could apply the tag. It was a close play, and while replays showed that Marquez missed the call, you could understand that he might miss it in real time as the difference between Belt’s foot touching home and the tag by Torrealba was a mere millisecond.

But when Marco Scutaro avoided a tag going for third in the eighth and was still called out…well, that didn’t sit too well with anyone at AT&T Park, and when Bruce Bochy came out to alert Marquez of his mistake, he was promptly thrown out.

It wasn’t the first time the 41-year-old Marquez was quick to toss a manager, and it certainly won’t be the last. While he isn’t universally despised like some of the others on this list, the two calls last weekend were enough to earn him the fifth spot on this list.