Golden State Warriors: Pros and Cons of Keeping Jarrett Jack Around


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors’ rock off the bench in the 2012-2013 season was Jarrett Jack, a guy they traded Dorell Wright for. Jack was a solid player for the Warriors off the bench, as he averaged 12.9 points per game (PPG) in the regular season, and 17.2 PPG in the playoffs. Those are some indispensable numbers for the Warriors, and of course, they cannot afford to lose him.

Now as a free agent, Jack has the choice of going to the Atlanta Hawks or Dallas Mavericks, two teams with the desire to bring in some reinforcements. Still, why would Jack want to leave Golden State? It’s the perfect place for him, and he had one of the best seasons of his career, playing starter minutes and finishing third in the running for the Sixth Man of the Year award. He had a great stint with the Warriors, and it shouldn’t be over yet.

With all the positives about Jack, however, there are just as many negatives. Sometimes, the fans got fed up with Jack, forcing him to test the free agency market. Still, he looked down at his Warrior jersey, sobbed and said that he was so proud to be in the position that he was in.


1. Ball-Handling:

Jack is a great ball-handler, and he really knows how to work defenders. One unique thing about him is that he’s the only point guard who looks for his shot before looking for the assist. That opens up other opportunities. Jack knows how to create his shot one-on-one, and is the best on the Warriors at doing that. In crunch time, the Warriors have looked to him for some huge buckets, and he’s delivered. Jack has been instrumental for the Warriors this season, and he really knows how to play on the offensive end.

2. Spreads the Floor:

In crunch time, Jack is the primary ball-handler. This allows Stephen Curry to come off of the screens and hit those beautiful jump-shots that everyone, except the Warriors and their fans, is tired of seeing. With Jack at the point, he spreads the floor and even allows Klay Thompson to get some open shots. It’s really beneficial to have a guy like Jack in crunch time.


1. Turnovers:

Jack sure knows how to turn the ball over, as great of a dribbler that he is. In the closing minutes of a game, Jack will sprint down the court with the basketball with four defenders on him, and throw it out of bounds, or pass it right to the opponents. Those are the types of turnovers that you just can’t afford to have, especially in crunch time. If the Warriors are able to get a smarter point guard in situations like that, for example, Devin Harris, they may be able to close out games even better.

2. Opportunity:

Sure, Jack was one of the best players in crunch time for the Warriors, but they had someone very important sitting on the bench. A guy named Harrison Barnes, the seventh pick in the draft, was on the bench in the closing minutes of close games. Barnes has proved to the Warriors that in the playoffs, he’s the guy that they need to go to for a quick basket. He was inconsistent only because he was a rookie, but he knew how to get a quick basket. With Jack out, Barnes is a closer.