Oakland A’s: Jon Heyman’s Ridiculous Comments Draw Ire of Players, Fans


Jon Heyman absolutely loves the O.Co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Even when they’re playing well, the Oakland A’s never seem to receive any respect from the national media.

Case and point, take a look at what CBSSports’ MLB Insider Jon Heyman tweeted out while the A’s and Giants were playing at the O.Co Coliseum:

No Jon, I’ll tell you what’s a shame: continuing to disrespect a team that’s playing excellent baseball at the moment in a stadium that may not be the most beautiful ballpark in the world, but it is sure loud and full of passionate fans.

It didn’t take long before some A’s players noticed, and voiced their displeasure on Twitter:

Heyman declined an interview with 95.7 Game to discuss his comments, but did offer these words via text:

"Sorry no disrespect but don’t want to get caught up in fake controversy. Just meant to draw comparison between best and worst baseball stadiums. Surprised A’s fans love Coliseum so much. I’d have assumed they’d agree with their team and ownership that they prefer a new stadium."

A coward and an idiot, who obviously knows nothing about the A’s — what else would you expect from the national media?