Golden State Warriors: If Not Jarrett Jack, Then Who?


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2013 offseason continues for the Golden State Warriors, at least, there’s many questions that need to be answered. For example, which Warrior is going to be back? Is it going to be Carl Landry, or Jarrett Jack?

That’s very important to decide, considering that they’re two very important piece for the Warrior’ offense. Unfortunately, Stephen Curry’s extension kicks in next season, and the Warriors are constricted financially. So, it’s either Jack or Landry, and the overwhelming answer is Jack.

Jack averaged close to 13 points per contest, while constantly getting double-doubles off the bench with assists. That’s pretty impressive. He’s also been apart of the Warriors’ crucial closing unit of himself, Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee and Carl Landry. Yes, that’s right, Landry is also in that group. If Andrew Bogut returns to normal, however, he could easily be booted. There’s no clear replacement for Jack in the crunch time.

Sure, the free agency is filled with great point guards this year, but not of all them can create their own shots easily and also knock down tough shots. It’s important to find a guy to run the entire offense when you have two other guys that are the best shooters in the league on the wings. What makes Jack so different from other point guards is that he looks to shoot first. That opens up opportunities for other teammates, and he finds those guys. There’s no apparent reason to replace him.

No other point guard in the league looks for the shot first, and it now seems like I’m criticizing Jack, but in most cases, the Warriors need that closer and go-to guy that can make the right decision when necessary. The acquisition of Jack was great for the Warriors, but now it’s their job to make sure he stays. He’s a much more crucial piece of the Warrior core than Carl Landry.

Potential Replacements and Why they Won’t Even Work:

1. Jerryd Bayless:

In my eyes, Bayless is the best potential replacement for Jack. Right now with the Grizzlies, he has a player option, which he is likely going to take. Fortunately for the Warriors, however, they’re a good looking, young team with a lot of potential and a bright future. How could one not want to be apart of that?

Unfortunately, he’s inconsistent, as we’ve seen in the postseason. As the Grizzlies have struggleed in the Conference Finals, they’ve looked for more and more scoring, but simply cannot find it. Bayless should have been the bench scorer, but has neglected to do that. Jack is consistent and has helping the Warriors out a lot in terms of scoring when they needed it. He’s the life of the bench.

2. Beno Udrih:

Udrih was highly paid with the Bucks and Magic last season, and has no current qualifying or player option. He’s a good looking free agent, as he scored some pretty high numbers and is looking better and better. He’s a great point guard with some good court vision, but there’s many negatives to his game.

Sometimes, he looks like more of an off-guard, and what the Warriors want is someone who is able to spread the floor and allow Curry to get some open looks. When is he going to get those when he’s running the point. This season, Udrih averaged 8.2 points per game, and 4.6 assists. It’s not bad, but in this later stage of his career, it’s not quite Warrior-worthy.