Golden State Warriors: 3 Free Agents They Should Consider Signing


The Golden State Warriors have had an above average season, considering that they faced adversity at all points. They made the playoffs despite the popular belief, and were able to beat the third seeded Denver Nuggets in the first round. It’s been good for the Warriors, and they’re going to try and keep it that way, of course. They want to re-sign Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, but that may stifle them, not allowing them to grow as a team at all.

Which free agents would be the best for them to sign? Well, Festus Ezeli was only a rookie, but isn’t looking like a good backup in case Andrew Bogut gets injured. It would be nice if he got more of an offensive game. I’m sure he’s going to work on that in the offseason, but the Warriors should consider some more options before they continue to put him behind Bogut.

Apr 22, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard C.J. Watson (1) drives the ball around Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson (2) during game two in the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs at the Barclays Center. Bulls won 90-82. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

1. C.J. Watson:

Ah, bringing back the old ones. For the Warriors, Watson is the perfect signing. Just in case Jack doesn’t return, Watson would be a great option as a backup. He started his career with the Warriors and grew up with them. He’ll always remember the crowd chanting “C.J., C.J., C.J.,” as he scored 40 points against the Sacramento Kings. He’s not exactly the same type of players as Jack, but he’s definitely capable of putting up the same types of numbers. He really blossomed with the Warriors, and he could possibly do it again if he had the chance.

2. Al-Farouq Aminu:

Just like Carl Landry, Aminu has been able to hurt the Warriors in his games against them. Fortunately for the Warriors, he’s a free agent now and is looking for a team. If Landry turns down the player option, which there’s always a chance of, the Warriors need a decent backup power forward. Aminu will grab the rebounds, and even hit jump shots if he’s able to escalate his game. The Warriors would be lucky if they get a hold of Aminu, a young talent.

3. Hasheem Thabeet:

Mar, 13, 2012; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Houston Rockets center Hasheem Thabeet (32) before the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

You may call me crazy, and I’d agree that it seems that way, but Thabeet could be of value to the Warriors. Like Kwame Brown, Thabeet was a bust in the draft at the third pick, and has floated around in the NBA since then.

The Warriors were about to rejuvenate Brown’s career, but he got injured, and he hasn’t played a game since. Thabeet is a healthy 7’2″ giant. In guarding bigger guys like Roy Hibbert, Thabeet could be of some value for the Warriors. When/if Bogut goes down, the Warriors will be able to utilize Thabeet and work on his game more.