Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs: Game 5 in Review


May 14, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) reacts against the San Antonio Spurs in the second quarter in game five of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at the AT

The Warriors went back to San Antonio after the overtime thriller in the Bay Area looking to jump ahead of the Spurs for the series lead. The Spurs, however, had other plans, as they controlled the game for about 43 of the 48 minutes of the game.

The Warriors first quarter started off excellent. For the first five minutes of the game, they executed their plays perfectly, were disruptive on defense and seemed to be coasting to another win. Then came the defensive breakdown. The Spurs went on a run and finished the first quarter by putting up almost 40 points. The Dubs once again let Tony Parker have a MVP-like game, allowing the small point guard to drop 25 points while dishing out 10 assists.

This game was incredibly sloppy. The Spurs ran circles around the Golden State defense, dissecting them with their passing game. On the offensive end, the Warriors couldn’t seem to complete a pass as they turned the ball over again and again. To make matters worse, both of the “Super Splash Brothers,” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, were off the entire night. Fortunately, Jarrett Jack stepped up his game while Harrison Barnes continued his phenomenal playoff performance. Even with their great games, the Warriors were down by double digits, for most of the second half.

I didn’t get too many positive takeaways from this game. The Warriors still can’t defend the point guard position. Curry and Jack allow opposing point guards to drive right by them, while their best defenders, Thompson and Draymond Green, don’t have the foot speed to keep up. It’s been happening all season long, and it’s gotten worse in the playoffs as Ty Lawson and Tony Parker are having podium games against the Warriors. Second, the Warriors can’t keep losing track of their assignments. There were countless times where the Dubs players would get caught watching the game and didn’t watch where their defensive assignment went. If the Warriors want to force a Game 7 at “Roaracle,” they better know where their man is at all times.

The Warriors still have enough firepower to help them win Game 6, and possibly force (and win) Game 7.  Curry and Thompson have to come out firing on all cylinders to make that possible, which is very possible. Consider the bad shooting night just a fluke for now. Curry will have to try harder to shake off Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard, but he’s smart enough to figure it out.