Matt Cain: 5 Reasons Why He Will Rebound Against Los Angeles Dodgers

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# 5 – Best Start Of 2013 Came Opening Day vs. L.A

With his finest outing of 2013 coming on Opening Day vs. Los Angeles, it seems almost serendipitous for Cain to get an opportunity at his first win of the season against that same team; on April 1st, Matt Cain locked horns with counterpart Clayton Kershaw, and threw six strong innings of no-run ball against the Dodgers on the road, holding them to just four hits, while striking out eight.  San Francisco lost, and Cain didn’t factor into the decision, but it was a stellar outing.  Now is the perfect time for him to get back on track, and put April’s failure behind him.

Overall, he’s been very unreliable, and the bad has, up until now, outweighed the good.  But I feel like this might be his chance to turn things around.  An opportunity to wash the stain of April away.  All the pieces seem to be falling into place for Cain, so he better take advantage of it.  The fact that his teammates can now comeback, walk-off, and hit up there with the best, should give him extra confidence going into a series against a team he knows he can beat.

Granted, he’s been below average to bad for the most part, and right now you don’t know what you’re going to get, but still; he’s Matt CAIN, perfect game pitcher and two-time champion.  I mean, there’s only so long this upward-downward trend can continue.  And for a pitcher with a track record as good as Cain’s, he can’t keep these bad outings going all year, so we know something’s got to give.

There’s no way of knowing which type of pitcher we’re going to get in his next start.  But, because of the reasons listed above, if there is a game for Matt Cain to get back on track with; it is this Sunday against Los Angeles and Hyun-Jin Ryu.