2013 NFL Draft: Predicting the Draft’s Four Biggest Busts

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Dion Jordan, OLB, Miami Dolphins

March 14, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks linebacker/defensive end Dion Jordan in attendance at the Oregon pro day at Moshofsky Center. Mandatory Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Jordan is a gifted pass-rusher, but there are definitely concerns about the athletic outside linebacker.

Jordan registered five sacks in 2012, which isn’t typically what you would see from the third pick in the draft. While Jordan only played in 42.5 percent of Oregon’s snaps, he should have been able to register more sacks. The fact that a player as talented as Jordan played so little brings up durability concerns, which isn’t good for Miami, who traded up nine spots to secure Jordan.

The pass-rusher failed to record a sack in Oregon’s last six games (four of which he played in). There were lots of players picked in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds with far more sacks than Jordan, which is extremely concerning. Jordan is going to be able to get to the quarterback and make a difference, but only when he’s in.

If Jordan was only able to play in 42.5 percent of the snaps in college football, imagine how much he’ll have to sit out in the NFL, when he’ll have to go up against gigantic NFL lineman. Jordan is a gifted, versatile player, but his durability could limit the positions he plays; he might not be able to go up on the defensive line and will likely fail to become a three-down player.

Jordan is a high-risk prospect. If he can consistently make an impact on the field, he’ll be a star. However, he could end up flaming out and wasting his athletic gifts. Jordan weighs 248 pounds and will have trouble in the trenches, and if he isn’t able to get to the quarterback he won’t be able to succeed.