Ranking The Top 10 Giants Of All-Time: Position-by-Position

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# 8 – Shortstop – Travis Jackson

Career: .291 AVG / 135 HR / 929 RBI


1982 Hall of Fame inductee.
1933 World Series Champion

For a small guy, Travis Jackson had some raw power; hitting over .300 more often than not, the former shortstop for the New York Giants put up some pretty impressive numbers for a shortstop of his time.

He may not be a household name, but Travis Jackson spent his entire career with the New York Giants, from1922-1936.  He averaged 13 HR and 91 RBI per season, which wasn’t the best among shortstops at the time, but was more than a fair contribution from a position that was defensively driven.

There may be other shortstops with better career numbers in franchise history; but as a result of his staying on the team throughout his entire career, and the more than respectable numbers he put up, there are few others who deserve to be put in this spot instead.