Ranking The Top 10 Giants Of All-Time: Position-by-Position

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# 2 – Left Field – Barry Bonds

Career: .298 AVG / 762 HR / 1996 RBI / 2558 BB / 514 SB


7-Time National League Most Valuable Player (‘90, ‘92, ‘93, 2001-’04).
8-Time Gold Glover.
Twelve-Time Silver Slugger.
Fourteen-Time All-Star.
1st in career homeruns (762).
1st in career walks (2558).
4th in career RBI (1996)

This ranking may make some heads turn, but like it or not, the mighty lefty is your reigning all-time homerun king.  He leads baseball with seven hundred sixty two of them, in fact, and is the only player in MLB history to hit at least five hundred homeruns and steal five hundred bases.

Surpassing Mark McGuire, Roger Maris, and the Babe himself, Bonds holds the record for the most homeruns in a single season, launching seventy three beaten and bruised balls into the seats during the 2001 season.  He also happens to be the all-time leader in walks, accumulating two thousand five hundred fifty eight over his twenty two year long career.

He is also only sixty five hits shy of being included in the very exclusive “Mr. 3,000” club.

The BALCO created cloud that will forever follow Bonds can’t keep baseball’s homerun king out of the Hall of Fame forever.  Though some cannot (and will never) fundamentally give him a shot at reaching the hallowed halls in Cooperstown, New York, there is no denying his former physical prowess.  Many will argue that he was, in fact, Hall of Fame worthy far before the time the baseball world started its never ending speculation of his alleged PED use.

Bonds might just be the greatest hitter of all-time.

But truly, the most legendary of all Giants is…