Sacramento Kings’ Future Is A Coin Flip

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The Seattle group has already stated through several media outlets that they would immediately seek to sue the NBA in the event of losing the vote to buy the team. Seattle would seek to regain the $30 million through financial damages. The NBA has been said to have asked the Sacramento group to cover the Seattle groups deposit to avoid legal action.

Seattle’s most recent bid would be the highest amount of money ever paid for an NBA franchise. The total value would be $550 Million, with $357 million reportedly going to the Maloofs. The NBA has yet to specify when the Maloofs will need to repay the $126 million loaned to the Maloofs through the Kings.

In the middle of the Maloof mess, the Kings players have struggled to maintain their composure as they fell to the bottom of their Conference several times, and finished 28-54, 13th in the Western Conference and 24th overall. The Kings showed very little fight since the Maloofs announced the sale of the team, and looked lost in the midst of the potential sale and relocation of the team. The Kings lost their last four consecutive games, and went 2-8 in their last ten games of the season.

Demarcus Cousins

Cousins had a troublesome season as his numbers were inconsistent, and continued to have problems with keeping his emotions in check. Evans hasn’t been able of duplicating his rookie season success, and continued to struggle with the effectiveness of his jump shot while also struggled to stay out of injury trouble. Marcus Thornton has yet to accept his role off the bench, and had several career lows for the season. Isaiah Thomas has had a relatively good season, but has shown a propensity to over dribble the ball, and has not shown he is capable of finding his teammates on a nightly basis. Thomas had 27 games with 2 assists or less, with 11 1 assist games and 6 zero assists games.

The Smart has been under fire in recent weeks as fans and writers have looked to pin the blame on him. Smart often went stretches throughout the season where his game-time lineups became questionable. Smart has had issues with Cousins and had to bench the young center, and even left him off the traveling roster for a game following an incident during halftime of a blowout loss to the Clippers.