10 Reasons Why The Golden State Warriors Are Going To The Playoffs

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8. Great Start to the Season

The Warriors started off the 2012-2013 season playing great basketball. Despite playing without their starting center (Andrew Bogut) and sixth man (Brandon Rush), the Warriors started the season 22-10, including going 6-1 on a difficult road trip where they beat the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and Miami Heat.

Obviously wins in November and December aren’t as significant as wins in March or April, but in the NBA, wins are wins. The Warriors’ great record to start the season allowed them a little more “wiggle room” later on in the season.

Matt Steinmetz wrote on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, “They struggled in February and early March, losing 10 of 13 games during one stretch. But even during their down periods they were at least a half-dozen games above .500 and always on the inside looking out of the playoff chase.”