NBA Playoffs: Predictions for the East’s Most Anticipated Series


Oct 13, 2012; Hartford, CT, USA; Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce (34) dribbles the ball against New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) during the second half at XL Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

What would that series be? No, its not the Bulls vs the Nets. It’s not the Hawks vs the Pacers. These are actually two of the least talked about series so far. There’s no question that the Heat are going to crush the Bucks, but the Bulls will likely beat the Nets, and the Pacers will best the Hawks. This series, however, is about the Celtics and the Knicks. There’s always doubt heading into the postseason, but these two team have an under-the-radar rivalry which is why this is going to be one of the most anticipated series this year.

This year, the Knicks beat the Celtics in the series, but as we need to remember from the past, Paul Pierce completely owns Madison Square Garden. If you think that the Knicks fans are faithful, think again. Spike Lee may be getting himself into some more trouble by talking s**t to the Celtic players. He can get guys like Paul Pierce going easily, and once the faucet is one, it’s almost impossible to turn it off.

The Knicks may be poised because Carmelo Anthony is the best scorer in the league, but let’s not forget that Paul Pierce has won the championship once, and has been to the playoffs so many times. He’s clutch and knows what he’s doing, even if the crowd is jeering at him in the final seconds of game 7 while the clock is running down, he knows how to hit that huge shot, silencing the crowd.

Sorry, New York fans, but you’re insecurity has blinded you. Many of you say that the Knicks are completely capable because they’re the seventh seed. Let’s not forget that they haven’t won a playoff series in over a decade. That’s just because of bad play and inexperience. They may be pretty old, but they don’t have experience. Plus, Amar’e Stoudemire is a huge piece.

Rajon Rondo or no, the Celtics are one of the biggest dark horses out there. The Knicks know this and aren’t underestimating the Celtics, of course, but may also get too cocky. If Pierce scores 30 in the first game, he’ll be able to control the crowd. Plus, everyone loves to silence the crowd in the huge stage of Madison Square Garden.

LeBron James has seen Paul Pierce 3 times in the last 4 years in the conference finals, and many may consider the Celtics out of the race already, but I’m not so sure about that. I can’t escape the feeling that the Celtics will meet the Heat somewhere in the playoffs. Again, this is one of the most anticipated series, and Carmelo Anthony may have to wait another year for that title.

Prediction: Celtics 4-2