Stephen Curry’s Torrid Shooting: Can it Continue?


April 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors fans celebrate after a three point basket by point guard Stephen Curry (30) against the San Antonio Spurs during the fourth quarter at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs 116-106. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So far this season, Curry has torched teams left, right, and center. He’s been absolutely unconscious this season, scoring over 45 points twice, hitting 8 threes or more in both of those contests. He’s been so good that he’s a mere two three pointers per game away from Ray Allen’s three point record. A record that was insane at 269 three pointers hit in a regular season.

Not only is this going to be a broken record for Curry, knocking on wood, it’s also going to be the first highlight of his career. This could very possibly mean that he will put the ball down as one of the best shooters in NBA history. I know I may be getting ahead of myself, but when he shoots the ball, it smoothly glides off so quickly and elegantly that it’s hard not to marvel at it.

With all the glory that his shot brings to our eyes, one may wonder if it can continue. This is a huge question, as the Warriors need him in the playoffs. He has been the Warriors’ superstar so far, and with the inconsistency of the other players, he needs to step it up big time. His partner in crime, Klay Thompson has also been pretty hot, but Curry cannot #countonklay to produce each night.

With that being said, there’s trouble ahead for the Warriors. It’s not like Curry is going to average about 35 points per game in the playoffs, that would be Jordan-esque. Fortunately for Curry, however, he has been playing big in big moments, and knows how to hand a situation. He may not always make the pass, but when he’s being tripled team from about 32 feet out, he knows how to guide the ball through the hoop. I’ve never seen any other player that can do that. He’s an insanely good shooter, to points where it literally blows your mind.

Entering Portland tonight, the Warriors are going to have a bit easy, perhaps. As the Houston Rockets journey to LA to take on the Lakers, the Warriors will be playing the Blazers up in Portland, who are currently in the middle of a very low 12 game losing streak. It may seem easy for the Warriors to waltz in there and pulverize the Blazers, but if they’re up big, it’s time to rest Curry, after he’s reached the record, of course.