Sacramento Kings Offseason Outlook: Which Players Should Be Re-Signed?

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With all the issues pertaining to the Maloofs and their efforts to run the Kings franchise into the ground, the Kings have still found a way to show glimpses of what they are capable of. The Kings have a fair amount of potential, and with some possible moves this summer, they could be a suprise team in the West next year regardless of whether they are playing Sacramento or Seattle. Their are several players on the trading block that the Kings organization will need to pay close attention to this year.

Apr 1, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks small forward Josh Smith (5) reacts during the second half against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Philips Arena. Hawks won 102-94. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks has an expiring contract and is a very capable power forward, and will be one of the premier free agents this summer. While the Kings haven’t been a part of the conversation, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that a new owner could change things. The Kings are in need of a point guard, a power forward and a small forward. Expect the Kings to pay close attention to Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap who are both members of the Utah Jazz and are said to be on the move after the Jazz couldn’t find any trade offers they liked before this seasons trade deadline.

Carlos Boozer and Anderson Varejo are also interesting players who will certainly be among the top players discussed in possible trades this offseason. Brandon Jennings and Monte Ellis will also be on the market during this offseason, and it is unlikely that both will remain in Milwaukee.

Derrick Williams is a player in search of a more prominent role as he will also be a very heavily shopped player this summer. While the Kings have said they are not shopping their center, and before the arrival of Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol was considered to be a center, the Lakers will certainly be entertaining offers for Gasol. So he will also be a player the Kings should keep their eye on, simply because he could play alongside Cousins, and his passing as well as his large list of abilities would make the Kings an immediate contender.

The Kings have a lot on their plate, and until the team sale is taken care of, the future of the Kings players will be left on hold. The future of the Kings is not as dim as some might say, and with the city of Sacramento continuing to fight tooth and nail to keep their team, the future of the Kings doesn’t seem so futile. Keep the faith Kings fans, things are only getting interesting.