Sacramento Kings Offseason Outlook: Which Players Should Be Re-Signed?

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Jimmer Fredette has become something of a spectacle is his two seasons with the Kings,and has yet to embrace the role of shooting guard. Fredette has stated on several occasions that he prefers his “natural position” of point guard, and still believes he can be a starting point guard on any team in this league. Fredette still has several admirers, but has yet to provide any solid reason for people to be so found of his play.

Fredette lacks the passing abilities to be a true NBA point guard, and his 1.3 assists per game this year is a perfect example of why he is not capable of being a starting NBA point guard. Fredette has shown his ability to score on spot up opportunities, but is not quick enough to create his own shots against other NBA guards; particularly NBA starting point guards. Fredette can be seen pouting on the sidelines when he hasn’t seen what he deems is his fair share of playing time, and is clearly not helping an already tumultuous locker room situation.

Fredette needs to grow up and realize a few things. He is not a good enough ball handler and does not look to distribute the ball nearly enough to be a starting point guard. Fredette lacks the quickness that most starting point guards possess; and his inability to handle the ball coupled with his tendency to turn the ball over when double teamed is a major liability. Fredette is clearly not an NBA point guard.

Fredette still possesses some upside however, and it is still up to him to decide if he wants to become a valuable player in the NBA. Fredette could mature and grow into a very good shooting guard, a position he has seemed very reluctant to embrace. Fredette has always been known to be a more than capable spot up shooter, and he certainly has the range to be dangerous from three point range. Several teams would be interested in obtaining Fredette, but only if he showed a willingness to accept a role other than point guard.

December 17, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette (7) shoots the ball during the first quarter against the Golden State Warriors at ORACLE Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Fredette and Thomas are two players that would attract several suitors around the league. While some around the league questioned Fredette in his rookie season, Fredette has started to grow into a more capable reliable reserve. Isaiah Thomas has certainly made the case that he would be a valuable player in the league, and a player who is capable of contributing on a playoff contender.

The Kings could find a better way use Thomas’ abilities and use him more as a bench player if they choose to retain his services. This would allow Evans to start at the point position while also allowing the high scoring Marcus Thornton to reclaim his starting role at shooting guard. Thornton showed in his first season with the Kings how good he is capable of being, and would be a dangerous addition to the starting lineup.

With new ownership entering the picture in the Kings very near future, the future of Kings players careers is certainly something that is in the fore-front of the organization. A new owner will almost immediately take a look at the current roster and make decisions on what players are important to keep and build a franchise around.

The Kings have had trouble with their current roster, but not due to a lack of talent or ability. It would almost be impossible to pin point the reason or reasons the Kings have not managed to have a better season. Management or the lack there of has certainly played a major role. Its very easy to determine that the Maloofs have not had a positive influence on their team. The Maloofs have downsized their player payroll since 2006, and have tied the hands of General Manager Geoff Petrie by not allowing him to spend money to bring players to Sacramento.