10 Problems the San Francisco 49ers Could Face Next Season

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7. Special Teams

As seen in the Super Bowl, the 49ers could certainly improve on special teams as well. To begin the second half of the Super Bowl, Jacoby Jones returned the kickoff from the 49ers 108 yards for a touchdown. This ended up being the longest kickoff return in a Super Bowl in NFL history, and it means that special teams Coach Brad Seely could certainly work on better coverage units.

David Akers’ departure certainly helps the 49ers in the special teams department. The Niners signed kicker Phil Dawson, who for his career, has made 84.0% of the field goals he’s attempted. He converted 93.5% of his kicks in 2012.

The Niners also need to find a new kickoff and punt returner now that Ted Ginn Jr. is gone. As previously mentioned, Kyle Williams could certainly take that spot. Running back LaMichael James is another option as well.