10 Problems the San Francisco 49ers Could Face Next Season

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3. Potential Sophomore Slump from Colin Kaepernick

The “sophomore slump” is more frequent to occur in the NBA, but, after Kaepernick’s performances in the playoffs, teams now have more knowledge and footage of his game, which might allow them to figure out some ways to contain him. This doesn’t mean they actually will contain him, but after seeing how poorly the Packers defended him in last season’s divisional playoffs, teams will most likely make more of an effort to stop his running game, for example.

In addition, Kaepernick is still very young, and he can still improve in some areas. He gained invaluable experience while leading this team through the playoffs, but he is still fairly inexperienced and could improve as a passer, as he threw a couple of costly interceptions in the playoffs. However, one of Kaepernick’s strongest assets is his determination. He is an incredibly hard worker, he’s a true student of the game, and, now that he knows he’s the 49ers’ QB of the future, his confidence will only keep growing. Hopefully, because of these traits, Kaepernick will not experience the sophomore slump.