Comparing Stephen Curry to the NBA’s Elite Point Guards in a One-on-One Matchup


January 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) attempts to drive past Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) in the third quarter at ORACLE Arena. The Warriors defeated the Thunder 104-99. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the season, the Warriors — led by Stephen Curry — have gotten out of some sticky situations. Just last night, the Jazz, Lakers, and the Rockets were all on track to winning, and the Warriors weer getting blow out. Led by Thompson and Curry, however, the Warriors surged back and stomped on the Suns’ hearts after putting some daggers in them.

This time of the season is all business, with the last 3 playoff spots still undecided, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. This is a list matching Stephen Curry with other elite point guards. Which would he beat in a one vs one game. Unfortunately, by definition, no teammates are allowed to help. Passing point guards like Rajon Rondo may have some trouble beating him!

1. Chris Paul:

Paul is the best point guard in the game today. I’m not even going to say that there’s an argument. Paul continues to amaze me, whether it’s his clutch play, or his incredible crossover. He can get to the basket in a hurry, and is very fast in transition. He was Stephen Curry’s mentor, but now he may be taken over.

Curry’s offensive game is amazing. When he wants to, he can stay with guys like Chris Paul. If Curry’s ankles don’t go flat here, he could beat Chris Paul easily. When Paul is stuck without a dribble, he can’t through a lob to Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. Curry, however, will somehow manage to get off an incredibly deep 3-pointer in a split second.
Winner: Curry

2. Derrick Rose (when healthy):

When healthy, Rose is the deadliest point guards in the league. Unfortunately for the Bulls and their whole fan base, Rose doesn’t know when to come back from injury. Don’t get me wrong, I honor the decision of his to wait to return to action, but the Bulls really need him now. Injury free, he is the most explosive player in the league, not to mention his “nasty” dunks.

He can score acrobatically on the inside and has worked on his outside game. Curry, however, is one of the best three point shooters in the league, and will be one of the best of all-time. Is essentially putting two different types of offensive in one mix. I’ll let you decide this one. Comment below on who wins this matchup?

3. Rajon Rondo:

Rondo is a great point guard and the best passer in the league. The many ways that he continues to find his teammates is incredible, but he’s out right now with a torn ACL. He’s a great player, but has yet to fully develop  an offensive game. If he wants to win another championship, he will have to work on this. There are no teammates to bail him out, and Curry’s 23 PPG beats his 13 PPG. This one shouldn’t have any dispute.
Winner: Curry

4. Russell Westbrook

This is the toughest matchup for Curry. How can a small, slow guy guard an explosive point guard who happens to be a dunker, and a great shooter. Two words, streaky shooter. This is what Russell Westbrook is. He may not be a streaky player, but when driving to the basket, he almost never fails to score. His three point shot? Well that’s not always there for him. If Curry is hitting from 35 feet out, which he is capable of doing, he could win the game. Chances are, however, he can’t defend Westbrook.
Winner: Westbrook

5. Deron Williams:

Deron Williams may not be considered an elite point guard, but silently, the Nets are having one of their best season thanks to him and Brook Lopez. Earlier this season, Williams notched 9 three pointers in one half, beating an NBA record. We all know that he can score and has a deadly crossover, now what?

Curry’s crossover ices all his defenders, and once again, any tiny bit of breathing room given to Curry, will be a made shot. Williams isn’t a great defender, and he certainly can’t match Curry’s productivity.
Winner: Curry