Warriors: Two Players That Need to Step It Up


Feb 20, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson (11) controls the ball ahead of Phoenix Suns shooting guard P.J. Tucker (17) during the fourth quarter at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Phoenix Suns 108-98. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a huge 125-98 win over Portland, the Warriors were looking better than ever. Unfortunately, guys like Klay Thompson who’s averaging 16.2 PPG need to step it up big time, and they’re not doing that. It’s not like Stephen Curry will score 39 points per game, and he relies on Klay Thompson, who needs to start producing.

Klay Thompson was one of the most clutch players on the Warriors, but now, he’s just afraid to shoot. Because he misses, let’s say his first shot, his confidence goes down, and he misses the next one. In the last two games, Klay Thompson is 2/19 from the field, and not showing any signs of improvement. He knows that he is slumping right now, but does he know how to get out of it? What Thompson needs to do is take some time to focus on his shot, and just “let it fly..”

What Else Thompson Can Do:

1. Have a Huge Game vs New Orleans:

Nothing bring confidence back to a player like a game against a team that isn’t doing so well! Earlier this season, Thompson broke his slump with a 26 point game against Brooklyn. If he can do that against them, he will surely get into his groove against the Hornets. Then, hopefully he can ride that confidence straight into the playoffs, and be able to produce there.

2. Drive A Lot More:

Thompson doesn’t realize that driving is almost the key to scoring. A great shooter like him will get into these slumps from time-to-time, but the lane is always open. If he drives, he opens up opportunities for other teammates, get’s layups for himself, or lives at the foul line. He’s also a good free throw shooter, and sometimes that’s all someone needs to get going.

He’s not the only person on the Warriors that’s struggling, however. As great of a season that Jarrett Jack is having, he has shown inconsistency lately, and not being his regular self, hitting jump-shots over literally everyone.

Here are some things that Jack can do:

1. Play off the Ball:

If Jack isn’t getting the type of 1v1 shots that he would like, why not play off the ball? He usually runs the point when Curry is in, but I’m sure he knows that Curry will find him if he’s open. Jack hasn’t been a primary off-the-ball shooter, but he could be if started to take more of those shots. Maybe dribbling too much is the enemy?

2. Be In Attack Mode:

When the jumper isn’t working for you, drive to the basket. The ref will probably call a foul, or you’ll get a nice assist to your teammate. Jack needs to do this when his jump-shot isn’t working. Usually, he can make that small little teardrop, so why not shoot it? When he drives, he does know how to finish: he doesn’t need to be  a shooter.