Bay Area Buzz 3/28: Good Morning Folks


Good morning, Bay Area.

Want some fascinating stories to get your mind warmed up on this Thursday? Here you go:

February 2, 2013; San Jose, CA, USA; General view of the exterior of HP Pavilion before the game between the San Jose Sharks and the Nashville Predators. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A Few Ideas for Renaming the HP Pavilion

"SIRI STADIUM — Naming the arena for Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant, can only expand her personality. She could announce penalties and sing”The Star-Spangled Banner.” Think of the cross-marketing possibilities for Apple: Siri sweatshirts, Siri towels, Siri skates. If the Stanley Cup finals ever come to San Jose, it could be Siri’s Series.ADOBE HUT — A natural option that salutes downtown’s biggest corporate presence and San Jose’s adobe history along the Guadalupe River. Adobe got a big subsidy in the ’90s to move downtown: It’s time to give back. The “Hut” tells you no seat is bad. And the name has a memorable ring. “Did you see Springsteen at the Hut Friday night?”– San Jose Mercury News"

2013 NBA Playoffs: Predicting the Final Playoff Spots in the West

"As the Warriors know, the six-seed is extremely valuable. It’s a ticket not to play San Antonio or Oklahoma City in the first round. Steph Curry proved on Monday against the Lakers that his ankle roll against the Wizards should not be much of a factor. Mark Jackson will undoubtedly keep an eye on his franchise player, but the six seed is the Warriors to lose.The Bay Area has seen some thrilling wins against San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Miami but has also watched in horror at repeated losses at the hands of the Orlando Magic and the struggling Lakers. But with seven out of 10 games left are at home, the Warriors are lined up for their third playoff appearance in two decades.– Bases and Baskets"

Sizing up Santa Clara’s Super Bowl Chances for 2013

"We know where the game is going to take place in a magnificent new stadium and that alone should be a tidy sum for the city of Santa Clara. However we live in a market with a dizzying array of places to dispose of disposable cash.Super Bowls are regional parties on a grand scale and many of the thousands of visitors will be sampling the best of the Napa Valley, Monterey Peninsula, Reno-Tahoe as part of their time here. San Francisco will be the beneficiary of the Five-Star-hotel crowd along the with culinarians on corporate expense accounts going to work on their Four Star restaurant list in San Francisco.– CSN Bay Area"

Top-10 Worst NBA Arena Names in History

"The California State Livestock Pavilion has been a mainstay in the San Francisco sports scene since 1941. Riddled with a tremendous amount of history and legacy, it is one of the most iconic arenas in U.S. sports. However, despite the history, legacy and tradition, the name the evokes images of tractor pulls, 4H conventions and cow dung. According to the Keith Moon Movie website (, the drummer for The Who, ironically passed out at at concert at the Cow Palace due to an overdose of horse tranquilizers. I have to say that the Cow Palace is the filet of terrible arena names…minus my top choice.– HoopsHabit"