NBA’s 10 Most Clutch Players (With Video Evidence)


March 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) controls the ball against the defense of Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In the NBA, it’s very tough to drain a game winning shot, especially having crowds that are either booing or cheering you on. The Warriors don’t have an official clutch player per say, but there are plenty of other teams in the NBA that have players who can hit the game winner with ease. Some of them require evidence, and there will be argument, but all of them are deserving of this list.

Notables: Dwyane Wade, who used to be trusted to take that shot for the Heat, but it’s now LeBron. LaMarcus Aldridge: A center with a sweet stroke, who will eventually take this spot away from Dirk Nowitzki.

10. Dirk Nowtizki:

Despite chocking in the 2007 NBA playoffs, Nowitzki has worked hard, made his shots down the stretch, and was incredible against the Heat. He may be getting old, but he still hits a clutch shot like it’s just another shot when it clearly isn’t Nowitzki is high on the list, but he deserves a spot because he is simply one of the clutchest players in the game today.

9. Chris Paul:

Although Chris Paul is a pure passer and a true point guard, he takes over games very quickly. Down the stretch, if he is instructed to keep the ball, he will run the clock all the way down to 5, and score a basket at the end of the clock. This is partly what helps the Clippers win when they’re in tough games. Paul is by far one of the clutchest PG’s in the game.

8. Monta Ellis:

Yes folks, a Milwaukee Buck is on this list. Despite the fact that Ellis isn’t have a great scoring year, he is still doing all he can to help his team, and the Bucks are going to make the playoffs this year. They might only be at the 8th seed, but Jennings and Ellis have expressed desire in playing the Heat. A few nights ago, Ellis scored 25 points in the 4th quarter to lead his team to victory. Anyone who can do that, or shoot a fading 30 footer for the win is a clutch player.

7. Kyrie Irving:

Irving could turn out to be one of the clutchest players in a while, but as of now, he is still very young as a sophomore. The Cavaliers have a bright future with him. Irving is actually the one who held the most points in the 4th quarter up until his injury: he scores more in the 4th than anyone. Sometimes, clutch isn’t always hitting the game winner.

6. Rudy Gay:

Since joining the Raptors, Gay has already had more than 1 game winner, and he was traded just a couple months ago. The Raptors are already confident enough to give him the ball, and let him go to work. That’s saying something about how Gay plays. Against good teams, he has big games, and the Raptors are lucky to have him. Rudy Gay is always going to be the go-to guy in the final minute of play.

5. Joe Johnson:

Joe Johnson’s NBA career has been highlighted with many buzzer beaters, whether they are game winners, or game tying shots. Johnson hits them all and his team usually wins after it. He is a very clutch player, who will hit the shot if given space, guaranteed.

4. LeBron James:

James would be higher on this list, except for the fact that he is just learning how to be clutch. LeBron has taken the Michael Jordan mentality of, “Why would I be nervous about a shot I haven’t taken yet?” This is one of the best views you could possibly have. Maybe in time, LeBron James will move up this list, but for now, he’s just not as clutch as someone like Kobe Bryant.

3. Carmelo Anthony:

Not only is Melo a scoring force when driving to the basket, but he’s a great shooter. When trying to take a game winner, Anthony doesn’t drive to the basket. This is what makes him all the more clutch. He is more comfortable taking a lower percentage shot, with less of a chance that he will even be headed to the foul line. And he makes it. Upon watching this game, how many people thought that neither of these shots were going to go in?

2. Kevin Durant:

Durant is a clutch scorer, and down the stretch, Russell Westbrook needs to give up the basketball, and let it be in Durant’s hands. The fact of the matter is that Durant is a 7 footer who is a small forward. He is so tough to guard. In this video, he has the mentality to avoid the block by hanging in the air before shooting. Who can stay calm enough to think about that??

1. Kobe Bryant:

What if I put Robert Sacre? Do you know who that is? I don’t think there was a doubt in anybody’s mind that Bryant would be the clutchest player in the game today. Let’s be realistic. He is incredible when it comes to crunch time. Again and again and again, he continues to amaze me. At some point, you think that he would miss a game winner, but everything seems to go his way. It’s just another shot.