MLB: The 5 Most Exciting Players in Baseball

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4- Justin Verlander, SP, Detroit Tigers

2012 Stats: 17-8, 2.64 ERA, 238.1 Innings Pitched, 239 Strikeouts

Except when he’s facing Pablo Sandoval, Justin Verlander is without a doubt the best pitcher on the planet. Every time he climbs the lonely hill in the middle of the diamond, he has a real chance at throwing a no-hitter.

March 01, 2013; Port St Lucie, FL, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) throws a pitch against the New York Mets in the spring training game at Tradition Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Every one of Verlander’s pitches are top notch, he is smarter than most hitters and the really scary thing is; he knows it. He is the man you least want to see facing your favorite team and if you’re a Tigers fan you don’t realize how good you have it. It’s not just likely but inevitable that Verlander will be the first pitcher to sign for over 200 million dollars and from a baseball point of view he just might deserve it. Verlander has won every major award a pitcher can win except for a gold glove and a World Series ring. When he stands on the mound looking into his catcher there isn’t a batter alive who doesn’t know at that moment he’s over matched…well, except for Sandoval.

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