Klay Thompson Has “Allowance” Taken Away By His Father


January 11, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson (11) looks on during the third quarter against the Portland Trail Blazers at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Trail Blazers 103-97. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson’s wallet will be a little bit thinner, and that isn’t because of the $35,000 fine levied against him for his role in the Warriors-Pacers fight on Tuesday night.

Thompson’s father, former Laker and two-time NBA champion Mychael Thompson, said on his radio show that his son will see the “cash envelope show up a little short this week.”

To clarify, Klay does not have access to his money, as his paychecks are sent to his parents.

Mychael described his feelings when he watched his son shove Roy Hibbert:

"I saw Klay mixed up in the beginning, tied up with George Hill. I say to myself, don’t do nothing stupid now, don’t throw a punch, don’t throw the ball at anybody.Then Roy Hibbert turned his back & [Klay] was like ‘now’s my chance’!"

"I was like ‘you idiot’!"

When asked how much of an allowance his son gets, Mychael said, “Rent is $3K… Walking around money $300 a week.”

$300 a week in the Bay Area? C’mon, Dad.