Warriors: Top Moments of the 2012-2013 Season Thus Far


So far, the Warriors have done some many great things this season, and have escaped trouble more than one time. They’re right now at 33-23, and looking like strong candidates for Dark Horses, possibly competing for the title. Still, which plays have really highlighted the Warriors’ seasons, and showed that they’re out there, working hard every night.

Thompson dunks on Wallace: This is a highlight play because the Warriors were in the middle of a tough road trip: the one that really set them up for a lot of wins this season. This is a play from the Brooklyn game, in which Klay Thompson works hard to get the steal and then dunks on a premier defender.

Warriors Win Opener: Considering the Warriors were going to play the Suns, who are now terrible, they definitely had confidence, which is the first step to success. The opener was a huge symbol for the Warriors, because each player played very well: we got a first look at this young squad.

Harrison Barnes Becomes a High Flyer: Never since Jason Richardson have the Warriors had someone like Harrison Barnes, who can consistently posterize big men like Aaron Grey, Ersan Ilyasova, and of course, Nikola Pekovic. Barnes’ high rising energizes the crowd, which energizes the players.


Stephen Curry is Enjoying His Health: This is of course one of the many games where Stephen Curry has scored 20 or more points. On the season, he is averaging around 21 a game, and is playing better than ever, better than his rookie year. He’s finally had some time to heal up and is feeling better.

New Uniforms: The Warriors’ new jerseys weren’t meant to be pretty, despite popular belief. Actually, the Warriors’ new jerseys were an innovation, something to prove that the Warriors are back and working on all levels. These jerseys may well be revolutionary.

David Lee Becomes an All-Star: For the First time since Latrell Spreewell, the Golden State Warriors would have a member participating the all-star game. That would be David Lee, the Warriors’ leader. Curry was a huge snub, but Lee being that game means so much for us Warrior fans.

Draymond Green Beats the Heat: When the Warriors defeated the defending champions, it more of a statement over anything else. A rattag team, under experienced, and clearly inferior, beat the best team in the NBA. Much like our great country beat Great Britain in our Revolutionary War.

Harrison Barnes’ Statement Dunk: We all know the dunk! In a game where the Warriors beat the Timberwolves, Harrison Barnes woke up, and he destroyed the rim with a monstrous dunk over a 7 footer, who happens to be a shot-blocker. The Warriors really came alive after that, and the whole league began to recognize them.