Jarrett Jack: How Does It Feel To Be A Hero?


Feb 22, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack (2) celebrates after making a three point shot in the final seconds of the fourth quarter to give the Warriors the lead against the San Antonio Spurs at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors defeats the San Antonio Spurs 107-101 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, in the Warriors’ incredible victory over the Spurs, Jarrett Jack became the first player since 1996 to score 30 points off the bench and have 10 assists.

In 42 minutes of play, the Warriors went to Jack in the fourth quarter, and he took over. He scored 17 out of his 30 in the final 17 minutes of the game, and was never taken out. Along with Stephen Curry, Carl Landry, David Lee, and Klay Thompson, the Warriors’ power unit dismantled the Spurs in over time.

How did Jack do it? Well to back him up, all of his teammates were making their shots in crunch time, as well as making the right decisions. When Jack shot the ball, it was almost a blessing. His three point shot put the Warriors up by two with 7 seconds to go. Unfortunately, however, a blunder by rookie Harrison Barnes resulted in a wide open Manu Ginobli layup. Jack’s desperation three was only slightly off the mark.

Jack’s heroics have silenced the critics and haters, if there were any. I think the Warriors may have found their go-to guy, as he was on fire last night. It was him, down the stretch, with the ball, running the clock down. He was a huge part of a 13-0 Warrior run that tied the game at 80-80 with about 3:30 left to play in regulation.

I’m speaking for all Warrior fans when I say, ” Thank you, Bob Myers, for trading Dorell Wright, so the Warriors could pick up someone as good as Jarrett Jack.

How Jack Won it:

1. Perseverance:

When the Warriors found themselves down 80-67, they must have been feeling bad about themselves. Jarrett Jack, however, didn’t look down. Instead, he took the ball, analyzed the situation, and made the right decisions. Because of his playmaking ability, the Warriors got back into the game, no problem. He kept trying and trying, and was able to create something out of nothing, sending the game to OT.

2. Composure:

When down by double digits midway through the final quarter of play, it is very important to keep composure. This is exactly what a veteran like Jack would do. He didn’t panic, and he played through it as hard as he could. If a player goes into panic-mode at this time, they start “jacking” up three point shots. Jack, however, drove to the basket and drew some fouls while putting in the basket: better than a three pointer and just as rewarding.

3. Decision Making:

If anything, Jack is a great decision maker. Seeing that his team was down just three, he rifled a pass to Stephen Curry who hit a 28 foot three point shot. In OT, when the game is always close, Jack spent most of the time at the top of the key, and eventually finished a nice jump-shot, saying good night to the San Antonio Spurs for the first time since 2008.