NBA 2013 Dunk Contest: Previews and Predictions


The dunk contest, as many may say, is highly corrupted by biased judgment as well as flashy show. For example, Blake Griffin jumping over a car wasn’t so amazing. To these comments, I say, it’s all about creativity and display. Was that dunk a perfect 50? Maybe not, but he sure got the attention and approval of every judge. That’s what it’s all about: having fun. That being said, who has the best chance of winning the Dunk Contest this year.

Let’s meet our contestants:

1. Eric Bledsoe: POS: PG, Team: Clippers. Eric Bledsoe is a perfect backup PG. He’s a good defender, a good finisher, and a good dunker? On a night where Chris Paul is out with injury, Eric Bledsoe has proven him self to be a great replacement. Now, he has a chance to show the world just how good of a dunker he is by performing in the dunk contest.

2. Kenneth Faried: Faried is from the Nuggets. All Warrior fans are automatically rooting against him, because he can do some damage. After winning MVP last night in the Rising Stars Challenge with a binge of dunks, he is now looking to win the dunk contest. He is a great dunker, but then again, Team Shaq didn’t really have any big men to guard him..

3. Jeremy Evans: Jeremy Evans is almost the most deserving of this position. As a nobody last year, he proved that he can truly fly by winning the Dunk Contest, as he came in as a replacement. In the preseason, Evans had one of the most athletic, plays I have ever seen.

4. Gerald Green: This kid can fly. That’s all I’m going to say. He is such an incredible athlete, and in this contest, he has something to prove. He’s been steadily losing playing time on the court, and this may be a statement for him to get back into his groove. From averaging around 20 minutes a game, he has dropped to 6 or 7 in the last couple of contests. He was the winner of the 2007 dunk contest. Just look at this extension.

5. Terrence Ross: A rookie from Toronto, Terrence Ross reminds me a lot of his teammate DeMar Derozan, who has lost the contest twice. Ross, however, is another high flyer. He may not have a shot at winning, but he’s going to be pretty entertaining.

6. James White: Who is this? A couple years ago, I was searching through youtube when I came across this guy. When I saw the kind of vertical that he has, I was impressed. He has the capability of finishing a between the legs dunk from the free throw line. It’s literally impossible to compete with that. Also, he can get up to 13 feet. I’ve got a couple videos here..

Final Predictions: James White makes us lose it, and he wins the 2013 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.