Super Bowl XLVII: Behind Enemy Lines – Q&A With Ebony Bird


Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs in the second quarter of the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

With Super Bowl XLVII quickly approaching, we at Golden Gate Sports wanted to chat with someone who was familiar with our opponents, the Baltimore Ravens. Well, here is our interview with Tynan Patrick, editor at Ebony Bird, Fansided’s site for all things Ravens.

1. How will the Baltimore Ravens be able to stop Colin Kaepernick?

"Discipline, discipline, discipline. Players have to communicate between each other effectively and every man needs to know his job and not try to do to much. I am less worried about Kaep than I am about the general scheme, the scheme is tough to stop if players don’t play within their gameplan and stay disciplined and focused."

2. How much will Ray Lewis’s “last ride” affect the Ravens’ performance in the Super Bowl?

"It will be pretty huge. The Ravens have been riding this emotional wave for weeks and it isn’t stopping now. Win on for ray has been a popular phrase among players this week and when the game comes around every man will be fighting that much harder to make it happen. No player is going to want to be the guy that causes Ray to not get a ring."

3. What do you think of the allegations against Ray Lewis regarding the use of PEDs?

"I don’t think much of it. I don’t see Ross as a credible source, he has lied about his interactions with players in the past and he owes nearly 10 million dollars to various players under some fairly shady deals. I think this was one guy trying to get some publicity and Sports Illustrated irresponsibly reporting something without all of the facts."

4.  Which 49ers player should the Ravens be most concerned about?

"Justin Smith. Smith hasn’t been even close to 100% healthy and it has showed. A player can get a lot of raking done in 2 weeks, if smith is healthy and ready to go and Aldon Smith shows up to play, the Ravens OL is going to have some trouble."

5.  How will the Ravens be able to score points against such a physical and dominant defense like the 49ers?

"The Ravens put up 44 on the Bengals, they play the Steelers twice a year, the Browns are a top 10 defense. Baltimore plays in the division that made defense famous. They know how to handle a stout physical defense better than any team the 49ers have played, especially the finesse based and frankly kind of wimpy packers and falcons teams that never show well against good D."

6. How will Ray Rice do against a defense that takes so much pride in stopping the run?

"Same as the above answer. Rice has shredded the AFC north for years and all of those teams take pride in stopping the run. Rice is a pretty powerful and shifty runner, he is also had to locate standing a bit over 5’7″ behind an offensive line that averages about 6’3″."

7. What is your prediction for the game?

"Surprise surprise but I’m taking the Ravens. These two teams are eerily similar and when such similar teams meet I look at two factors. QB play and experience. I think both clearly favor the Ravens. Experience isn’t up for debate, but QB play is to a degree. I will ride with Flacco’s near perfect postseason though."

8. Who will win Super Bowl MVP?

"Like I said above, I am gonna ride with Flacco. MVP is a QB award for the most part and barring my prediction being wrong or Ray Lewis getting the sentimental vote Flacco is the guy."