Warriors Standings’ Check: 3 Teams That Could Concern Them


January 13, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Golden State Warriors forward David Lee (10) faces off against Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler (21) during the second half at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 116-105. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, the Warriors are amidst a huge 12-game stretch that could make or break their season. So far, they’re not off to a good start at 2-3. They are, however, still in fifth place, and holding on steadily being 1.5 games above the Nuggets. That could all change quickly. Three more losses, and the Warriors unfortunate skid could mean no playoffs, again. I’m sure that’s what nobody wants.

How are the teams behind the Dubs doing? Their competition is pretty fierce and wants that fifth seed. If the Warriors drop to seventh in this 12-game stretch, they will need to be better than ever after the all-star break.

In the 2006-2007 season, the Warriors were the hottest team at the all-star break, finishing the first half with just five losses. They may need to do that again. Who’s behind them? Are they catching up? Are they a threat?

Denver Nuggets

They’re at the sixth spot right now. At the beginning of the season, they seemed as if they would make little noise. Now, however, they’ve shown everyone that “No Melo, No Problems,” stands to be true. Danilo Gallinari has this team quickly advancing on the Warriors.

Verdict: Are they catching up? Yes. Are they a threat? Yes, a huge one.

Portland Trail Blazers

The name of the Blazers gets you thinking, “Good fan base, has some all-stars, but not a very good team.” This season, that’s all changed. Oakland-native Damian Lillard has drawn some attention from every NBA team in the league. His impressive play may earn him a trip to the All-Star game, and may also lead the Blazers to the playoffs. The Warriors don’t need to be worried about the Blazers, as of now that is.

Verdict: Are they catching up? No. Are they a threat? Possibly soon.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets, lead by Jeremy Lin and James Harden, were supposed to be in a rebuilding stage this season. The departure of Kevin Martin has seemed to pay great dividends, as now Harden can shine as the true scorer and MVP he is. He’s averaging the better part of 24 points per game. The Rockets, however, have lost two quick and are on their way to a slump. If they can’t prevent that foreseeable slump, they’ll fall right out of the playoff picture.

Verdict: Are they catching up? No. Are they a threat? No.

The Warriors, right now, seem to be in a good position, but losses can quickly pile up and good could easily go to bad. From here on out, the Warriors must value every win like it’s their lives.