Listing the Warriors’ 5 Most Entertaining Players


Dec 10, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Kent Bazemore (20) celebrates during the game against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

So far this season, the Warriors have had a few players that give us the old razzle dazzle. While that’s not what coaches necessarily look for, everyone likes to watch player who can give them a show. Which players on the Warriors are worth watching: three point contest, dunk contest, or just exciting?

Ranking the top 5!

5. Kent Bazemore: Although Bazemore sees little time on the court, he’s still the lifeline of this young squad. He knows his role. He energizes his teammates and has a great time. Simply, Bazemore is making the best out of a bad situation. Every time the Warriors score, Bazemore rises off the bench and cheers.

4. Klay Thompson: Thompson has been silently struggling this season. Yes, the same one that finished behind Kyrie Irving for Rookie of the Year last season. Thompson is still a sharpshooter and a very exciting player. When he gets hot, you know he has the support of the home crowd. When he makes a couple in a row, he’s fun to watch. He very subtly talks trash to other players, and most of the time, he’s able to back it up.

3. Brandon Rush: Yes, I know he has a torn ACL right now, but last season he made some signifanct contributions. When mired in shooting slumps, it was Rush shooting the dagger 3-pointer to send the home team packing. Then, he gives off an excited “body-bump” to one of his teammates—classic. If he’s mired in a slump, he’ll dunk over someone instead.

2. Stephen Curry: Let’s be honest—although Stephen Curry can’t dunk, he’s one of the best point guards in the game right now, and one of the best in the past decade for the Warriors. Curry has finally found some stability with his wobbly ankle (knock on wood), and in result, he has been making amazing passes, shooting the lights out and stealing every ball possible. He brings the house down both away from home and at home when he gets hot. Curry’s amazing ability to drive, make acrobatic shots and hit 3-pointers, make him one of the most exciting players I’ve seen.

1. Harrison Barnes: There shouldn’t be any questions about this guy. Earlier this season, he dunked over a seven-footer, who had no chance of blocking his shot. Since, he’s been driving and hitting 3pointers at an incredible rate. He hits clutch shots well, and responds to pressure well. He’ll definitely have a long NBA Career.