49ers: “Quest For Six” Goes Viral


Courtesy of the 49ers

As the 49ers Divisional Playoff Game nears, many fans are starting to show their pride through social media, and facebook is no exception.

The San Francisco 49ers official facebook fan page posted a picture reading, “Quest for Six,” and asked every Niner fan to make it their profile picture to support the team.

Within minutes of the post, the picture was was seen all over people’s news feeds and friend’s lists. As of today, they have well over 33,000 likes and 6,000 shares and counting.

The “Quest for Six” profile picture is a great way for fans to come together in unison, as the 49ers get ready for a hard-fought battle against the rival Green Bay Packers, and provides great support world-wide.

With the game only five days away, the 49ers will need all the support they can get, as they try and make it two consecutive trips to the NFC Championship game.