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Career Placement for Warriors’ Starters


1. Stephen Curry: Where is Stephen Curry in his career? After having an incredible rookie season, Curry’s ankles turned to paper, and he has been sidelined by injury way too much. That injury, obviously, prevents him from being the best he can possibly be. In extending him, Bob Meyers believes that Curry could possibly be playing with Team USA in 2016. This is true, but first he has to lead the Warriors to some wins. So far, the Warriors are 10-6, and Curry is looking better than ever. He’s averaging around 19 PPG, and has been very valuable this season. There was a couple moments when it looked as if he was injured, but he turned out to be fine. Stephen Curry’s best years are ahead of him.

2. Klay Thompson: For drafting Klay as the 11th pick in 2011, he has really proved that he deserved to be a lottery pick. Klay’s sensational rookie season quickly ruled him as a future star. He drew praise from Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. He works hard, plays defense, and shoots lights outs. He is a Ray Allen type player, who ALWAYS has a green light, despite an off shooting night. Klay Thompson’s best years are ahead of him.

3. Harrison Barnes: Barnes was the 7th pick in the 2012 draft, but unfortunately, has been terrible inconsistent in rebounding and in scoring. The good thing, however, is seeing that he’ll be there when you need him. He will get that steel, he will shoot that ball, and he’ll dunk on seven footers. Barnes is turning out to be a great pick for the Warriors, and will likely be playing Klay Thompson in the Rookie-Sophomore Rising Stars game. If Barnes learns how to be more consistent, he will be set up for a very long and successful NBA career. Harrison Barnes’ best years are ahead of him.

4. David Lee: Lee’s intensity: rebounding the ball, scoring the ball, and aggressiveness really benefits the Warriors. Mark Jackson can count on him to take it strong to the rack, not be afraid to get blocked, and make his free throws if he gets fouled. Lee is an excellent passer, can knock down the jumpshot, and has a considerably high basketball IQ as well as court awareness. His hard work has benefited the Warriors, and he’s found a home. Lee is going to be a top forward in the league for a long time. David Lee is in a very lengthy prime of his career.

5. Andrew Bogut: Bogut claims that his injuries were all just unfortunate situations and has now benched himself for an indefinite time period because of his ankle. This isn’t what the Warriors were looking for when they traded their star guard away. Even without Monta Ellis, the Warriors have played defense, while keeping up their offense, and are able to maintain their position at the top of the Pacific Division. Sources confirm that Bogut has no timetable for his return, says he’ll be back sometime in December, but it’ll likely be early 2013. Because of injury, Bogut can no longer function as a top-3 center in the league. He’s still capable of having a great season (13PPG, 9RPG, 2BPG), while helping the Warriors for years to come, but Andrew Bogut’s best years are behind him.