Tonight, the Warriors are looking to add to their home winning streak and increase it to..."/> Tonight, the Warriors are looking to add to their home winning streak and increase it to..."/>

Warriors Look to Extend Home Win Streak vs. Pacers: Game Preview


Tonight, the Warriors are looking to add to their home winning streak and increase it to five in a row.

This season, the Warriors have made a statement and shown that even without Andrew Bogut, their bench, along with the scoring of Thompson is more than enough to make up for the loss of Monta Ellis. Plus, they’re actually playing defense. Thompson was able to hold Deron Williams to nine points in Brooklyn’s visit to Oracle. Stellar defense like that is sure to grant wins for the Warriors.

So why is it working out so well? Why did the Warriors win the last 5/6 games? As seen in the Warriors’ games, rebounding, which they didn’t do so well in last season, is all about effort. Lee, Landry, and Ezeli really know how to get on the glass. Thompson and Harrison Barnes have also gotten on the glass well. Barnes has had some double doubles, and Thompson just got nine rebounds a couple nights ago: his career high. Also, as I said before, Thompson is able to play defense. Stephen Curry is also getting steals and playing perimeter defense. The whole for the Warriors, however, is having a big man effectively defend the rim. Ezeli and Biedrins usually don’t play over 20 minutes per game unless there’s foul trouble.

The Pacers, lead by Roy Hibbert and George Hill are a team that really like to attack the basket. They do have outside shooters, but the damage that they cause is nearly negligible. They’re severely crippled right now, with their main scorer Danny Granger out, but Paul George has more than picked up his scoring. Scoring shouldn’t be a problem for the Pacers, but the key to tonight’s game for the Warriors is to find a way to stop the Pacers from scoring inside. Lee and Landry need to draw charges or at least provide a presence. If not, Andris Biedrins will have an opportunity to step up.

The Warriors have also caught the Pacers at a good time, in the middle of a road trip. They are tired, and ready to play some games back in Indiana. Too bad they will have to go through the red-hot Warriors and hope for the best outcome. Both teams can be offensively dangerous, but this one is going to be a hard-fought win, no matter the outcome. Another key to the game is for Lee and Landry to STOP Roy Hibbert and David West

Game Predictions:

Matchup to Watch: David West vs David Lee

Leading Scorer: Stephen Curry, 28

Players to Watch: Paul George, Klay Thompson

Winner: Warriors, by 7

Probable Lineups:

1. Stephen Curry vs George Hill

2. Klay Thompson vs Lance Stephenson

3. Harrison Barnes vs Paul George

4. David Lee vs David West

5. Festus Ezeli vs Roy Hibbert