Right now, the Warriors are on a very long break, and their next game will be tomorrow a..."/> Right now, the Warriors are on a very long break, and their next game will be tomorrow a..."/>

Warriors: Western Conference Checkup


Right now, the Warriors are on a very long break, and their next game will be tomorrow at home against the Nuggets. They haven’t beaten the Nuggets yet, but are hungry, and looking for much needed vengeance. They are looking to crush the Nuggets for putting daggers into their hearts twice. Other than that, the Warriors’ main competition for the 8th seed and below has been doing decently well – for the other teams.

The Suns are 7-8 and they are currently playing the Pistons. Although the Suns weren’t seen as much of a threat, they are a sleeper team, and maybe making a playoff push this season. This game is crucial for the Warriors. If the Suns lose, that’ll be a blessing.

The Mavericks are playing a stone-cold Bulls team. Tonight, if they win, they’ll improve their record to 9-7, which is more wins that the Warriors, but more losses. This is why it becomes crucial for the Warriors to win their next three games at home to get some insurance before embarking on a road trip that will last until December 15th. The Mavericks are doing well, but the Bulls just might be able to put them away.

The Jazz are 8-7, and in the same position as the Mavericks. Right now, they’re playing the Hornets, who aren’t great this season, but are coming off a huge win against the Clippers. I’m sure their confidence level is up. If the Hornets are victorious tonight, it wont really affect the Warriors at all. The Hornets will move to just four wins on the season. If the Jazz win however, they’re in the same situation.

The Clippers are another one of the Warrior’s big rivals. Having lost four straight, their record now equals the Warriors, but the Warriors haven’t lost four in a row – obviously. This means that the Warriors usurp the position of Pacific Leaders, and takeover the third seed. If they want to keep it, show they’re a superteam, and break away from the Clippers, that Nuggets game becomes more pivotal: especially through the absence of Andrew Bogut.

There’s the Rockets as well, so much competition! The Rockets stand at 7-7, and will have a worse record than the Warriors – win or lose. Plus, they’re playing the Thunder right now.

Clippers vs. Timberwolves tonight? Well that’s a game that could go either way. In this case, however, I think Warrior fans should be rooting for the Timberwolves. Because the Clippers have an identical record, if they win, they will push the Warriors far down the stands. If they lose however, and the Wolves pick up a win, they will move to 7-7, while the Clippers move to 8-7. Those record are both favorable to the Warriors.

I know it’s a little early in the standings to be talking about playoffs, but every game counts, once again. To put it in perspective, the Warriors are more than 1/8th of the way done with the season. That’s a lot to think about. They can’t afford to fall too much if they want to stay in the race.