Kings Look to Get on the Right Track Against the Nets: Game Preview


Photo by Don Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

As the Sacramento Kings prepare to take on the Brooklyn Nets in the last game of their current home stand, they must prepare to take on many other issues head first. As the Kings continue to search for consistency and leadership, they remain in position to win games.

While the Kings have obviously not started the season as they had hoped, they still have 7 of their next 9 games at home. If they hope to salvage their season,it must start today against a hungry, healthy, talented Nets team thats is out to prove that they are contenders.

Although Kings’ head coach Keith Smart had originally said before Friday’s game that he wanted to keep his original starting lineup, he had clearly indicated that he plans to change his lineup in order to manage his team. The Kings have fallen into an uncomfortable position as players have begun to point fingers at each other, creating a hostile team atmosphere. Most of these problems have arisen due to a lack of leadership. Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins had both said they wanted to take a larger role in becoming more of a leader this year, but have but unable to do so in large due their inconsistent play.

The Kings haven’t been able to sustain their play for an entire 48 minutes more than twice this season. They must play solid defense, and not have mental lapses on the offensive side of the floor. This young Kings’ team has developed a scary tendency to play one on one style basketball instead of moving the ball and finding the easiest way to score. The Kings have show glimpses of what this team could be if they played together.

Isaiah Thomas has been quoted in the Sacramento Bee saying he has been asking Head Coach Keith Smart how to get more assists. To the outside viewer it seems entirely obvious; keep passing the ball. Learn how to run the offense as a point guard. Both Aaron Brooks should take a note from Steve Nash, an excellent shooter and natural scorer.Nash is arguably the best natural point guard the NBA has ever seen. And while Thomas and Brooks are not Steve Nash, they both share several natural abilities. Both Brooks and Thomas are quick, and have an ability to get to the basket. Both have amazing first steps, and amazing quickness when running the floor. In a league dominated by hybrid big men and forwards, scoring in a one on one situation is perhaps the worst option for anyone who isn’t named Lebron James. Both Brooks and Thomas like Nash are on a team with plenty of natural scorers, but Brooks and Thomas must as Nash did take it upon themselves to become the leaders on the floor, and learn to distribute the ball and run the offense, while taking their shots as they come.

Sacramento must as a team, hold each other accountable on the floor. Off the floor; players need to understand that while this is clearly a talented team, most players still have tremendous room for growth. This team needs to grow together, and if they begin with the fundamental steps of trusting each other, while holding one another accountable on and off the court, they give themselves a better opportunity to succeed. If Aaron Brooks and Isaiah Thomas learn to work together as teammates and Leaders of this Kings team, they give Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Fredette and Thomas Robinson all to develop and grow. But growth must come within, and start from a being a team.

Probable Starters

No. Player Pos.
22 Isaiah Thomas G
13 Tyreke Evans G
52 James Johnson F
34 Jason Thompson F
15 DeMarcus Cousins C

No. Player Pos.
8 Deron Williams G
7 Joe Johnson G
10 Keith Bogans F
43 Kris Humphries F
11 Brook Lopez C