Sacramento Kings' center DeMarcus Cousins was suspended late Sunday before the star..."/> Sacramento Kings' center DeMarcus Cousins was suspended late Sunday before the star..."/>

Why Sean Elliot is At Fault for DeMarcus Cousins’ Suspension


Sacramento Kings’ center DeMarcus Cousins was suspended late Sunday before the start of the Kings’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Cousins was suspended for two games without pay for confronting Spurs’ announcer Sean Elliott in “a hostile manner.” Elliott is a decorated NBA and college player, who won a title in 1999 with the Spurs and was a two time consensus All-American his junior and senior at The University of Arizona. Elliott is still the University of Arizona’s all-time leading scorer.

Cousins learned a valuable lesson in this league. He will miss two games, and lose approximately $94,653. Cousins got a taste of what fans around the league complained about during the 2011 Grizzlies-Spurs playoff matchup. Fans around the league complained to the league, tweeted, and plain and simple stopped watching; all due to the pathetic play-by-play of San Antonio announcers Bill Land and Sean Elliott.

Cousins learned the hard way Sunday that Elliott has very little humility and in a very biased sports announcer. People have called Elliott a hack, a “homer,” biased and immature, and a disgrace to the game, although we all know Elliott is a tremendous person and was an iconic player whose career was cut short due to kidney problems, which led to his early retirement.

Most would agree that Elliott should be biased on some level towards the team he announces for; however, he is at best an immature, uneducated, biased announcer. Elliott almost rarely adds anything to the conversation, and regularly speaks about the team as if he were still on the current roster. After Cousins scored on Duncan in two consecutive possessions and then drew a foul from Duncan, Cousins turned to his teammates on the bench bellowing, “I’m going to bust his ass.” Duncan responded by blocking Cousin’s next shot at the rim, then scoring three of his own baskets.

Elliott then responded on live television:

"“That’s why some humility is in order. You think you’re dominating Tim Duncan, you get it stuffed right back in your face. Timmy doesn’t like to talk trash. But if guys start talking mess to him, he’s going to respond. All that trash talking was premature. I’m not about to let these guys off the hook. Young ballclub should learn from this. Don’t start talking and flapping your gums against one of the greatest players ever. He’s going to make you pay. Tell me who got the best of this exchange.”"

One thing’s for certain, the only thing immature about the whole evening was any and all comments that were made by Elliott Smith. He was clearly frustrated with the way the game had been going, and was not happy that before Cousins picked up his fifth foul, the King’s big man was essentially showing the Spurs and Tim Duncan who the next real talented center is. Cousins was quoted as saying that he and Tim Duncan are “good.” While Cousins needs to learn that he should not even allow comments like Elliott’s bother him, Elliott was certainly out of line, and was most certainly the one who should have made the veteran, mature decision to make more appropriate comments with regards to the verbal battle between Cousins and Duncan.

Duncan is not known as a trash-talker, or someone who gets into verbal altercations; but anyone who has ever watched Duncan, knows he is always talking to players on the floor. Whether or not any of those conversations ever leave the floor or become known to the public is not the issue. Duncan and Cousins will always be in a position to play each other hard.

Even though Elliott would surly dispute this fact, Cousins IS a very similar player to Duncan. What is more, is the respect that Cousins has for Duncan has been documented all the way back to last years incident when Cousins was shown on national television mouthing “F*%! he’s good”, with regards to Duncan scoring a basket. Elliott needs to realize as Duncan surely already has, that Cousins is taking something from every opportunity he gets to play against Duncan. Cousins could be said to have even modeled parts of his game from Duncan.

In short, Cousins was in the wrong when it came to confronting Sean Elliott. He needs to learn to just let that stuff go, and remember to walk away. Elliott will always be biased to his beloved Spurs, and Cousins will probably never receive the respect he deserves from Elliott.

Sean Elliott acted immaturely and sparked a reaction from the 22 year old Cousins. What transpired during this “hostile confrontation” is currently unknown, and was more than likely embellished and exaggerated by Elliott. Elliott is the only one who could have reported this incident to the league, further calling himself as well as his reputation into question. He has justly received criticism around the league since working part of the 2011 Spurs Grizzlies playoff matchup. It is only a matter of time before the Spurs organization or the NBA offices replace Elliott with someone who isn’t as hungry for the spotlight.