Warriors Beat Clippers in a Wild One: Full Recap


November 3, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack (2) moves the ball against the defense of Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (32) during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Where do I start? There are many things that happened from this game. I’m still jittery as I’m sure most fans are. The Warriors just beat the undefeated Clippers to even records with them. They have certainly bounced back from their loss to the Grizzlies, and they improve to 2-0 on the road, which isn’t something they would have been able to do a year ago. There is hope for this squad.

Stephen Curry’s clutch free throwing and offensive-foul drawing really sealed the game for the Warriors.

Biased Refs: This one is self-explanatory. The refs favored the Clippers by a lot. The Warriors don’t have an all-star: so what? Just because Chris Paul and Blake Griffin make an extra motion deserves them a foul?

Chris Paul made four field goals, yet he had over 20 points. There were more than 63 fouls called this game, and most were on the Warriors. I’m utterly shocked of how badly a game could go in terms of officiating.

Rivalry: I think it’s safe to say that there is a new rivalry here today. Blake Griffin is frustrated because he may be charged for flopping. David Lee, as you can read his lips, said, “stop Flopping,” very sternly, which earned each of them a technical foul. He and Jarrett Jack also got into an altercation when he thought there was a foul on Landry. When watching the replay, there was no such contact. North Cal vs South Cal, just not the Lakers.

For a game without the star 6th man, Brandon Rush, the Warriors didn’t seem to have a problem at all. They beat the Clippers in literally every single category, except free throws. Without Andrew Bogut, they out-rebounded the Clippers. The team was led by Carl Landry, who paced the Warriors with 21 points. The bench play was spectacular, especially from Jarrett Jack who took matters into his own hands and made the smart veteran decisions. The Clippers didn’t lead a single time in the game, which shows just how good the Warriors game was. The Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry combo will always just be chemistry.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Klay Thompson dove for a ball and his head was smashed against the ground by 200 lbs of Blake Griffin who also went for the ball. The call was a technical on Jarrett Jack, for some reason.Thompson didn’t seem disoriented like he had a concussion, rather like he had maybe a fractured nose or perhaps something less seriously. He sat the rest of the game because Marc Jackson just put together a great lineup which just seemed to click: he rolled with it.

Harrison Barnes scored 10 points. Bob Fitzgerald put if perfectly in saying, “I don’t think Barnes knows how good he is.”

Indeed, Harrison Barnes. Barnes didn’t shy away from the big moment, as he hit a clutch jumper at a critical time, and got a layup, which gave the Warriors some breathing room. The biggest play of the game, however, was Curry, drawing a charge on Chris Paul’s layup attempt in the final seconds. At least the refs called that one.

In the end, despite the questionable officiating, fouls, and injury, the Warriors were able to come up with a road win against one of the better teams in the NBA. The Warriors’ next game is on Monday against the winless Sacramento Kings. Stay tuned, and good night, Warrior fans!